Jesus is my Love, Not my Religion || Poem by Mary

I do not own this picture

Jesus is my love, not my religion…

He’s not someone I bribe to go to heaven,
He’s not someone I obey in fear of hell.
He’s not something I wear for showcase,
He’s NOT my religion.

He is my love,
He is that someone who makes the sun shine when I wake up in the morning,
He’s that man who makes me smile in sad days,
He’s the one who always listens whenever I have something to say,
And I know He always loved me, that’s why He is my love.
Even when I haven’t seen Him yet,
He was that voice calling out whenever I felt like something was missing…
He was my missing piece- the piece that was always there…
My love, my Jesus.

– Mary Pacis, “Jesus is my Love, Not my Religion”, Nov. 13, 2014 [4:35]


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