Christ And Career

Thank you Kriz 🙂 better late than never! haha. This certainly blessed me and reminded that we have a God of perfect timing, and that whatever struggles we’re going through, He will always be there to help us through it all.

Life is tough. I’m pretty much stating the obvious ’cause we live in a fallen world, but life is also beautiful, because there is a God who loves us 🙂 thank you so much for writing this! btw, I absolutely love veterinary medicine but I’m still praying about it, please pray for me haha! ❤ God bless you, sis!


Last April, there was a blogger named Mary who commented on one of my pages here in my blog asking me to write about how my life is as a Medical Student walking with Christ. I was so excited to do it for her, but it took me months to say the things that I need to say. Indeed, everything has its right time and this is the right time for me to say these.

If someone would say, “That guy decided to pursue Medicine”, people will respond “Oh. That’s quiet tough. But maybe he got the brain to rock it.” And then some other people will oppose it by judging that person by his past academic performances or his family’s financial struggle.

If there are many good things people can tell about us, there will absolutely be things they can say that will give a stain on the white…

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