Fairytale- Chris Webb || Spoken Word

This… this is just amazing. This poem overflows with the love that Christ had when He died for us on the cross. It blows my mind again and again, this love story is not a fairytale, its is the BIGGEST truth ever. This is just beautiful and I encourage you to just take the time to watch this and be reminded of our Savior’s mercy and grace.


Jesus is my Love, Not my Religion || Poem by Mary

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Jesus is my love, not my religion…

He’s not someone I bribe to go to heaven,
He’s not someone I obey in fear of hell.
He’s not something I wear for showcase,
He’s NOT my religion.

He is my love,
He is that someone who makes the sun shine when I wake up in the morning,
He’s that man who makes me smile in sad days,
He’s the one who always listens whenever I have something to say,
And I know He always loved me, that’s why He is my love.
Even when I haven’t seen Him yet,
He was that voice calling out whenever I felt like something was missing…
He was my missing piece- the piece that was always there…
My love, my Jesus.

– Mary Pacis, “Jesus is my Love, Not my Religion”, Nov. 13, 2014 [4:35]

Short Hymn #1 || Morning Desire

Good morning my lovelies! I woke up with God’s love in my heart today, He’s such a loving God~ weeee~ Praise His name! Hallelujah! So as I got off from bed, I just sang this song that came from my heart and I feel glad to share it with you. I really hope this brings joy and the love of God into your hearts as well. 🙂 God bless you all!

    I seek God, everyday
But the world is pulling me back.
And I can’t stop thinking about Him,
His love carries me away.
I just love to praise and desire God,
For He loves me everyday
He loves me, seeks for me,
He found me, carries me,
Through everything I go through today.

The Wound & The Stitches || Poem

April 24 2014, Thursday [12:01 AM]

The Wound and The Stitches (The Lies & The Truth)

I lost a friend, with one lie.

I held it in ’till time flew by,

and guilt had practically drowned me.

I used to wonder, how she thought of me,

But seeing her so deeply wounded,

I have never felt so sorry. 

How could I undo a lie?

I failed, but I tried.

Now that the stitches had come undone,

The wounds still hasn’t healed.

Do I seal it in with another thread?

Or should it heal itself?

Lord, I have dishonored Your name,

Please forgive me, a sinner wallowing in shame.

I am unclear of what I should do…

Lord please help me, understand her point of view.

Help me to accept rejection.

Help me to fix what I had broken,

Teach me to be like Your Son, though I may not reach to perfection.

I am in deep regrets I must admit.

And when I say sorry, I genuinely mean it.

Mary Pacis




“The Lover’s Thief” Poem by Mary Pacis

July 13, 2013

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[Poem and Psalm about two lovers staying strong in trials with the help of God. Peter 4:8 Above all, love each other deeply, for love covers a multitude of sins.]

Capo 3 Em-C-G

Her voice is like a ghostly whisper,
Like silk that dances with the wind.

She didn’t know what love did to her,
But maybe the dark thief did.

They fly across the moon ever so swiftly,
Riding on a hurricane.

Their minds confuse from mixed emotions,
But with God He will unlock their chains.

She saw the thief and through his scars,
He saw her beauty from afar.

But beauty was not all he saw,
For she stole his heart, ignored every flaw.

They danced around the largest mountain,
Sang under the darkest caves.

Their love spew water like a fountain,
Love is the reason why they’re saved.

Stay tuned for any further updates on this poem 🙂 Take care and God bless!

Weeping with the Clouds

I do not own this photo

I do not own this photo

July 21, 2013

Hush little child, let me hold you dear,
Her song lasts forever, but only the gifted could hear.

Listen as her voice gently carresses your skin,
Breathe in the music, and sing from within.

Can you hear the sunset as it rises from the dark?
Watch as the wind slowly pushes the ark.

Beautiful was the day when you once smiled to me,
I would do almost anything, if I could only see.

Fly with the birds as they soar through the air,
Listen to the flowers as their color starts to wear.

Weep with the clouds as they flood land with rain,
A loved one has died, do you feel my pain?

Though life is ephemeral, I know that someday we would meet,
Eternally forever… and feel the grass tickle our feet.

I love you so much, do you hear me dear?
Our song lasts forever, but only the gifted could hear.

– Mary Pacis

Dedicated to: My friend and her family who lost their loved one… may he rest in the arms of God.