Grayham the Rabbit

July 27, 2013

Name: Grayham

Date when bought: July 22, 2013

Age: maybe 3-5 weeks old (when we first got him/her)

Breed: American Chinchilla Rabbit

Color: [fur] grey, white, black, brown; [eyes] brown

Likes: Licking people, playing, chewing slippers (shh don’t tell mom and dad!), newspapers, carrots, strawberry, and being petted on the head ❀

Dislikes: Staying in the cage, being carried (Note: almost all rabbits hate that), water (and again, almost ALL rabbits hate water), raisins

Baby Gray

Baby Gray

Grayham’s short story:

Since I got him for only 6 days ago, I haven’t gotten much to say besides the fact that he is very much like Maggie [and excuse me but, I don’t know his gender though I prefer calling Gray a ‘he’] only less, territorial (maybe just for now since he is still a tiny baby who hasn’t been weaned).

He was a birthday gift from my parents and let me tell you honestly, I wasn’t in love with him at first and I wasn’t ready to name him, until dad said “Grayham” (mom didn’t like the name and kept calling him Maggie and I stumbled a little or two) but I actually liked the name Grayham, so I kept it. He was quite skittish at first and would run away once he takes a sniff of my fingers. I was a bit disappointed and started to compare him with Maggie. I checked for anything out of the ordinary and found out that his poop was faaaaar from normal. I researched about it and found “cow-poop syndrome” and I started to panic and worry. Well, found out it was just diarrhea (which I dealt with Maggie before). Diarrhea is quite serious though and could cause death, but Gray is okay now. His poop is back normal, he’s eating his food, drinking water, and no signs of illness, thank God.

Anyway, I was asking God if I should send him back to the pet store or if I should give the lil’ guy a chance. I definitely didn’t want to send the cutey back to the pet shop- that would be hell for such an innocent rabbit. So, I decided to give him a chance and try to tame the kid.

After awhile though, he started to show signs of affection. He started licking me (a LOT), flopping, binky-ing, playing, etc. after living with us for only 3 days! Isn’t that amazing?

Gray is such an amazing rabbit and I thank the Lord for answering my prayers. (I’ve always wanted another rabbit)

Love you Gray! ❀ xoxo


Dec. 26 2013

Gray is now the size of my thighs and even longer when he stretches to his full length. I didn’t take count of how old he is, but I’m guessing he is 6 months old πŸ™‚ He is really intelligent, affectionate, and hyper. He follows me around the house, nibbles on slippers and wood, comes when called, and now I am currently teaching him to put his paws on my hand- not going to well, so I’m not going to continue with that. In fact, I’m getting a lot of scratches from the trick. I wonder what other useful tricks I could teach him. Maybe dig, go inside cage when told, up, and hop on my lap on command. Yeah! That would be cool…

August 29 2013

Baby Gray is now 9 weeks old and still cute and growing. He’s grown a tad bit bigger and a lot more playful… and destructive πŸ˜‰ I know what you’ve been doing Grayham… He’s chewed on mom’s flip flops (I hope she doesn’t notice though). He’s nipped on my toes twice (maybe because he was annoyed by how my feet hogged his “yummy” slippers). He’s just a little bugger πŸ˜› I can’t wait to introduce him to… The Garden. It’s still summer and boiling hot outside, so, no garden for you yet Gray. Just 2 more months… 2 more. Uggh! So looooong- but we’ll bare with this together. Just leave it all to God.

Oh! and I trained him to come when his name is called, weeeell, he comes to me and then leaves when he sees that I have NO treats in hand. So much for LOVE. *rolls eyes*


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