Kids, Patience, & A Loose Tooth!

You would think that the bus is the best place to rest in peace… apparently, mine is filled with fighting kids, crying kids, and.. kids, AND their excessive use of “vulgar” words, the most common being, ‘Liar’ and ‘Mean’.

Lalala~ Its fun though… I mean the kids 😀 They’re pretty nice to be with when they aren’t constantly yapping and whining. I laughed when my sister faced me and said “So that’s why you hate kids?”. I guess I needed to be patient and more loving. Maybe that’s why God placed me with these children. Smart…. and Sneaaaky!

They are still kids, so it’s pretty hard to teach them a lesson. I remember me and my troubles when I was younger, and weirdly enough, my sister is having the same problems as well. It gets pretty annoying when they don’t understand- but if was able to figure these conflicts out- with the help of Jesus and my family- then through God’s timing, maybe my sister will find it out soon 🙂

BTW, she’s experiencing her first LOOSE TOOTH! Moving it back and forth with her finger or tongue. I wonder how she’s dealing with it. If she’s excited, or if she’s nervous… Anyway! One of the kids in the bus told my sister “Stop moving it! It’s scary”, pointing directly at my sister’s tooth. I kinda got irritated with her and told her it was rude to say ‘scary’ and point at other people. She pouted her lips, getting all teary eyed and said “You’re so bad, why are you being mean to me?”. At this point, I felt like -uggh!- sooo annoyed, but I didn’t want her to cry any further so I forced out a smile and distracted her from our current topic, she stopped crying and giggled a little. I wish I felt a little sympathy and love- I’m still working on it though.

After dealing with the kid, I faced my sister who was still angry at the girl, so I tried to calm her down- ’cause if she’s angry now, she’ll be angry back home, which will make me angry, and stuff will happen. Sibling rivalry and all. Thank the Lord it’s all right, right now 😀

Back to the loose tooth topic! I suddenly wish I could experience it again…

I do not own this picture

I do not own this picture


I watched my dad as he tied a string to the base of my tooth, “Daaaad don’t make it fast okay? Just slow, like this” I slowly tugged the string, making sure I didn’t put much force to it. “Yes yes, I will” he said while looking intently at my mouth, then gave me a smile of assurance- or at least, that’s what I thought it looked like, 

“Ready?” asked dad, lightly holding the string, a smile on his face

“Sloooowly” (>_<“) I reminded him, nervously moving my tooth back and forth with the tip of my tongue,

“I will I will” 

Then suddenly WOOSH! (O_O…) *silence*

“See? it wasn’t that bad” said dad, laughing 

I touched the area where my ‘once-loose-tooth’ was located, still shocked by the quick pull of the string. When I felt that the tooth was no longer in its place…


and it didn’t even hurt….

End of Flashback

Sigh… I miss those days :’) *sniff sniff* Dad even experimented with it and tied the string to the knob of the door, thinking that once you slam the door shut, the force would be enough to pull- or RIP! the tooth out. It didn’t work though, I still remember it- not very clearly though- but I recall dad laughing (._.”) Yay… thanks dad. xD Well! I’ve learnt a lot today 🙂 and recalled some funny moments in the past~ which gives us another good reason of why we should PRAISE THE LORD! ❤ LOVE YOU PAPA JESUS!

PS. Please pray for my voice, it’s kind of lost, I don’t know why it even decided to run away in the first place. Just please pray for it to come back 😥 huhuhu I have to sing for our Church’s Anniversary in 2 days! and I really want to make the Lord proud, if not a good voice, then please also pray to keep away the fear and nervousness I feel. Thank you all! God bless you! ❤


About my Sister (In my P.O.V)

If you want to know more about this popular youngster, YOU CAME TO THE RIGHT PLACE!


Yes, I’m boasting (I admit), but I can’t help it, when you have an annoying sister like her 😀 LOL kidding (though she is annoying), I still love her ❤

*Crowd Awwws

OHHHH and most awesomely… My sisters video was one of Jessie J’s favorite cover! ❤ How awesome is that?!?!

the Linky:




So anyways, about my sister…

Name: Gabrielle (H.G.Y.P)

Age: 5 years old (Last November)

She likes: TOYS! MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF TOYS! ❤ Specifically, Littlest Pet shop.

Dislikes: My british accent, OH and my robot (Mostly from me) 😀

She loves: To dance and sing (Which would be posted on Youtube some day)


SPOILERS: Were thinking of making a Christmas Edition in youtube… My sister singing a song about Christmas 😀 Wouldn’t that be nice??



Well, sorry to disappoint, but someone wants to use the computer (specifically my mom)… sooooooo….. BYEEEEEEEEEEEEE ❤ Love Ya’ll and God Bless! ❤

Did Bully boy turn Nice?/ Best Friends <3

Remember my latest post “Death Grip“, that post is related to this, but I recommend you to read the 1st one (that is linked) so you will not get confused.

“Did Bully boy turn Nice?”

To tell you the truth, he is not at all a bully, I was just exaggerating myself, heh heh, but he was annoying, and no just because he is nice doesn’t mean he is any less annoying. So anyways, when I went back to the Sky Dive Dance Practice we had to do this “wave” again, the first post will clarify what I mean by “wave” so don’t be lazy and skip that part, anyway, we did this wave thing and sweet lil’ Ron Weasley wore a glove just so he won’t hurt my hand, awwwww.

So back to the question “Did Bully boy turn Nice?”

The answer? No, because he already is… BUT STILL SO freakin’ ANNOYING!!


Me (Wolfie), Gellie (Vampie), Shay (Zombie/Zom Zom), Twinkle (Ghost), Judie (Ninja), and The Mummy Andreah is, what I call, the FANTASY NERDS! Dun dun DUN!! Yeah *Giggle snort* we’re like completely Asian 🙂

I do not own pic.

At first, I thought that me and Gellie won’t get along together because I’m, like, so hyper and has, you know, the temper, and SHE is so kind, nice, and very WHITE! That’s why I named her Vampie… So yeah, we ended up being best friends, though, we don’t have that much in common, we both love singing and were always there for each other, ewwww, I’m all mushy now 😀


Shayne/ Shay, is my other best friend, I knew I would be friends with her anyways cause we are so much a like in many ways, she likes singing, she gets easily irritated, VERY hyper, etc. we get along pretty well, and she understands me, she knows when I fake laugh, she knows that when I say something bad, I don’t really mean it, she is a great punching bag, etc. OH and she NOT a morning person, I’m just warning you, when you see her every morning at school, she always groan and fall asleep, and she will literally rip you off if you disturb her in any ways, that’s why I named her Zombie, or Zom Zom. The good thing is, she understands Gellie too, and they get along pretty well, so there won’t be any competition, at first I thought there would be, but their best friends…


Twinkle/ Twinkie, is my close friend, she is best friends with Shayne, and she is the BEST WRITER and ARTIST (drawing), and no, I don’t know why she chose the name Ghost but she likes it 🙂 She is also very good at dressing up, her clothes are AWESOME! She’s like a geek at school and a hidden fashionista 😀


And there’s Judie, AKA Ninja, were lil’ close friends, and I don’t have a day where Judie doesn’t tickle me… I am VERY ticklish, VERY!


And Last but not the least, Andreah! She is quite annoying with the tickles, but I love her anyways… She also have long nails… Just saying…





Knowing how others feel…

To know how others feel is very easy, IF the person your trying to know is not a great actress 😉

You can know how others feel by their face, tone of voice, body language, etc.

😦  of course, this 😦 means sad, but what I mean by knowing how others feel I meant in another level…

Now this :-/either mean:

1) Well maybe I could give this a try.

2) (being teased at) trying to smile when she wants to cry. I had the same reaction when I was being teased.

3) She’s saying she’s okay when she’s really not.

4) PS. I couldn’t find a human picture with this face.

Warning: There are times when people want you to know how they feel and there are times when they don’t. So control your mouth.

There was one time when I scared my classmate and she screamed and the teacher got angry and one of her friend (my other classmate) told me “Your embarrassed right now, aren’t you?”, when she said that I wanted to shush her and tell her not to say that so loud, because she made me even more embarrassed and additionally guilty, but at least her friend said that it’s okay for scaring her.


But there was one time when I needed people to understand my feelings… Without making it sound so bad.

One time my friend was being teased and she did the sad smile, you know, like the one I showed you guys earlier

 like that.

and she ran to the toilet and cried (I knew she cried because I would cry myself), then I went to her and told her to stop crying and that I would cry too if I was treated that way… That time I used to feel lonely, but when I showed her that I understood her feelings, we became close friends 🙂

And another one. Since my dad knows me (a lot, i guess), he would tell me how I feel even though he was not supposed to know, like one time, the doctor said he had a dog so I said to my dad loudly “I want a dog!” hoping the doctor would hear and buy me one (since he is a doctor so he might be rich), yeah, me and my little schemes, but then as we left the hospital, my dad told me what I was trying to do but of course I denied. Oh and in Filipino they call it Nagpaparinig (means trying to let others hear you).

yup, just stick to that warning…

PS. If your feeling lonely and you want others to know how you feel, don’t forget the one who knows all… God.

My annoying sister >:(

Everytime my sister comes home from school, she always finds a way to piss me out! She is so embarrassing and she makes me do dumb stuff infront of everybody and she always says “because your not listening!”, then she slaps me pretty hard, just enough to make my skin red, but I still love her… uggh, shes just soo annoying, she even finds a way to make me cry, shes a strong lil’ girl… she has this very strong hands… me jelly 🙂 and worst of all, she is just 4 years old :O, she makes a huge mess when she enters the house scattering her toys and refusing to clean up… anyways, those were the negitive stuff about her, but what the  heck, shes my sister, she must’ve gotten those attitude from me, and anyways, thats what an older sibling should think about (where their siblings got their attitude), hate that part… but yeah… she is sooooooo annoyingly annoying! thats all, just make sure you be a good role model to your siblings, or else :O , I lab you :)) and GOD BLESS!!