Answered Prayer… literally…

Psalm 34:17

The righteous cry out, and the LORD hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles.

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So, I have been hurting the past few weeks… I am not gonna state the reason for it is too personal but I am gonna share my story of my prayer being answered.

As I human being, I use to have the tendency to think or worry too much, that I am already missing what is right in front of me. Then I feel this ‘pang’ in my chest or something like that. [Note: This is a serious topic for me and a little touchy. So to those who don’t like mushy stuff, please continue reading. It’s worth it.]

If you guys are hurting, in pain, or something in between, just know that God always has a reason and that He makes everything good at it’s time… If this hadn’t happened, then I wouldn’t be able to talk to God would I?

In problems like these, I always have the need to talk to an elderly (besides my parents). I was able to talk to an elderly in church. She told me to pray. She comforted me. And I thank her for that. I was able to do what she instructed me to do. And with God’s help, I was able to do it…

So, here it goes….

My Testimony

“Lord when will I talk to my dad about my problem? When will I confront Him?” I ask the Lord.

“When the time is right, my child.” He replies.

I kind of doubted a bit. I was thinking if it was me talking to myself… or if it was really God…

“I was thinking of getting baptized, Lord.”

“That’s good news”

“I love you, Jesus”

“I love you too, child”

I started tearing up with joy and grinning widely.

“I hope my parents won’t see me crying, Lord”


“Oh wait! I want them to see me cry, so they will pity me” [Note: I kind of laughed at my childishness here. I really wanted them to pity me]

Then… my father entered my room…

He asked “What is the problem, Dannelle?”

I didn’t answer. I was angry and hurting.

My mom then called my dad for some help. This gave me the time to ask God.

“God? Is right NOW the time?”

and the Lord answered “Yes.”

“Please give me the courage”

My dad came back to the room, and we talked… I found that my dad was really patient and calm. One thing I like about my dad. He knows how to control himself.

Honestly, the problem wasn’t the same problem I had before… I don’t even remember the problem anymore.

But I felt so blessed to have a father like him.


If you guys have a problem and you feel alone. Like no one in the world can help you… always remember, that God is always behind your back.

And that was my testimony… Hope you guys could learn something from it… God Bless! ❤



Types of Girls…

I and my observing skills have decided to show you earthlings the different types of girls you would defiantly want to be friends with and how to deal with them, the advantages and disadvantages, I have had a lot of friends in my long 13 years, and I am here to share what I have seen in them. [I do not own these pictures]

Warning: Everyone is unique in their own way, so not all of the things said here may be correct.

The Shy Type.

Describe Shy girls.

They are usually introverts who keeps things to themselves. They are sensitive and tend to exaggerate of how others think of them. But once they get out of their shell, you won’t believe what side they have kept hidden.

How to deal with them?

Start slow, don’t get too hyper and don’t stay too quiet, you obviously don’t want to tense the atmosphere. Get them to trust you and to open up to you. Let them out of their shell! If their still shy, don’t pry, give them some space, it would be nice for them to know you understand and your not there to stalk them to death!


They can understand how you feel and you can go to them when you have problems, they won’t pry, they’ll be a shoulder you can cry on without those nagging questions.


They are very gullible and sensitive. Think before you do/say something to them or things may go haywire.

The Hyper Type.

Describe Hyper girls.

To put it in a not Crazy fashioned way, they could also be called The Bubbly or Party Girl, they make friends easily, fun, out going, over-confident, and CRAZY! Barely serious and very helpful when it comes to social issues. Oooh and they also love challenges!

How to deal with them?

I personally have a lot of fun with girls like these, they have their ways to make me laugh, but there are times when they get over “hypie” and you get uncomfortable around them, this is where your calm friend comes to town, which we will come up to in a tick.


They make you laugh when your sad, and since their very hyper and social they could help you with other friend or social issues.


They tend to get too hyper and can make you feel uncomfortable around them.

The Calm Type.

Describe Calm girls.

Also called The Loyal or The Therapist, they are nice to talk to, they understand almost everything you say, and even if they don’t, they will take time to listen to you. You MUST have this kind of friend! Though you might not be the best of friends, they will be the first you would call when you need help.

How to deal with them?

They are very easy to make friends with and are kind and warm hearted. They won’t judge you too quickly and will come out with a warm smile on their face. They are good at hiding their feelings though, so you might have to dig in deeper. When their sad, they might seem calm at first, but will eventually burst when they feel like it. So its best to be a shoulder for a while, don’t pry, but get them to tell you how they feel, it will make them loosen up.


They have an extreme amount of patience, great listeners, and are apparently good at making others calm.


Theres actually nothing to complain about, besides their good acting skills.

The Nerdy Type.

Describe Nerdy girls.

Nerd, is not really the good way of naming them, so I either call them The Megamind or Geek (cause geek sounds cuter), anyways they (nerds) are very intelligent and focus on their studies like a lot. They are also the shy types. Most nerds though (in my experience) are anime freaks or so called “otaku”, Oh and I only call them nerd as a joke, when the tension is not thick… And nerds are actually fun to be with, they just keep things to themselves sometimes.

How to deal with their nerdiness?

Learn the nerd language! yup, the nerd language, you know, instead of saying “Do not cross this line” they say “Don’t go over this perimeter” or somewhere along those lines, sorry, not familiar. If you like anime’s, sci-fi movies, and reading books, then congratulations you have some things in common! nerds can get sensitive, most of them have horrible pasts and are un popular, but I don’t see whats wrong with being friends with one, their actually pretty cool, you know with all the big words and video games.


They are very helpful when it comes to school work. They will understand some of your problems and they are quite funny…


They tend to babble a lot when they get over confident around you like, “Hey I watched this sci-fi movie and it was totally awesome, it was like woah and blah blah blah (big word) blah blah blah” which is quite annoying.

The Independent type.

Describe Independent girls.

They are very mature and helpful in their own different way. They rarely ask for help and is concerned and cares about you. Sometimes I call them Big sister or Mom. 

How to deal with them?

Sometimes they rely on themselves too much that they don’t even know when to ask for help. Well don’t just stand there, help her, she obviously needs help, even if she refuses, you have to insist, everyone needs help, it just takes time for her to admit it.


They can and will help you with your homework, your social and physical, and emotional needs. They remind you about stuff and gives tips and advice like a mother and sister would.


They can get a bit bossy and cross the line at times with their “motherly” actions. But they are nice to have around especially if your hyper friend keeps nagging you around to go to a party you don’t want to go to.


These are some girl-friends you should totally have! And if you ever fight with a friend, you will know she is your best friend when you make up no matter how harsh the fight was.

Its also nice to have a Christian friend who is there to pray for you and to be with you when you are down. But not everyone is perfect.

Any who…  I hope you guys find some awesome friends out there! God Bless! ❤

PS. Look what I found in the Internet

There are basically 7 TYPES OF GIRLS…

1. HARD DISK Girls:
Remember everything forever.

2. RAM Girls:
Forgets about you the moment you turn her off.

Just for looking.

4. INTERNET Girls:
Difficult to access.

5. SERVER Girls:
Always busy when needed.

Makes horrible things looks beautiful.

7. VIRUS Girls :
These type of girls are normally called ‘WIFE’
once enters in your system don’t leave even after format.

I hope that helps you with your computer subject! God Bless!!!