Greasy hair and Oily face- Surprised at Birthday!!

I just finished my birthday yesterday and let me say was it FUN! Honestly though, the first 5 minutes before my birthday started, I felt alone, like nobody was gonna be there for me on my birthday… Only thing I didn’t know was that God had a plan, and boy was it a good one πŸ˜€

Happy Birthday to Me! <3

Happy Birthday to Me! ❀

July 22, was a really magical day. It was the date of my birth, the day filled with laughter, the day of my Aunt and Uncle’s wedding anniversary, and the day of my Grandmother’s 86th birthday and guess what? she still wore the exact same shirt she wore at our birthday party last year…

I had LOTS of surprises! A baby American Chinchilla rabbit (I named Grayham) that mom and dad bought me… I’ve always wanted another rabbit, especially after Maggie died… she was the best friend I have ever had. Anyway, when dad and mom bought Grayham, I was kind of worried, (cause they might’ve brought a sick rabbit or a baby who hasn’t been weaned) but he was alright, I guess. He’s the size of my palms, which means he might be 3-4 weeks old (which is still quite young). His poop is not normal looking, they’re brown in color and oval in shape (no, they are not cecals- but something I think might be worst), I am guessing Grayham has “cow-poop syndrome” and I am very worried about that. But before I bring him to the vet, I’ll see what I could do at the meantime. But he is just SOO ADORABLE! Very soft and quite tame, he’s still a bit skittish around humans though. He might have cow poop syndrome, but I am definitely NOT gonna bring him back to the petshop, it’s HORRIBLE in there. (If you wanna know more about Grayham, I’m gonna post a page about him… or her) Anyway, I’m out of topic again… what were we talking about? Oh yeah!

I had LOTS of surprises! The baby rabbit- which I already mentioned AND… *clears throat*

The door bell rang and I expected it to be my mom’s friends coming in to celebrate, who knows? I was actually at the verge of being surprised by my buddies! I suddenly regretted not putting on some shampoo…

We had tons of fun!

We went swimming… and we went swimming! It was AWESOME xD Bwahahaha I’m getting crazy right now! *breathe in… breathe out* As I was saying *clears throat* We had TONS OF FUN! God really has a way of making a person happy. Oh! and if you’re wondering how old I am… I’m now 14!

And now, if you’ll excuse me, Imma go play with Grayham. God bless!

Psalm 90: 14

Surprise us with love at daybreak; then we’ll skip and dance all the day long.


The Story of Me- Just Pray…

- Mary Pacis

– Mary Pacis

July 13 2013

JULY 12 2013

Yesterday was a very “Bi-polar” day πŸ™‚ Nonetheless, I thanked the Lord for it. In the morning, I got up with a grumpy aura, knowing very well that, THAT day was our tambourine practice for church and I’m not much of a dancer. It’s been a long time since I’ve danced using the tambourine. So, dancing now… I feel all stiff and awkward. But I kept muttering to myself

‘I’m doing this for the Lord, I’m doing this for the Lord’

And teasing God by saying ‘What I do for love…’ and imagining His reply ‘And do you know what I do for YOU?’

Anyways, another reason why I woke up grumpy in the morning was because Prince (a kid) here wanted to have a sleepover at my house. And I couldn’t say no, since I love kids… well, now I dont. I kind of have this ‘mixed feelings’ when it comes to kids and I swear, I could have died right here and right now.

As I arrived to the dance practice (with Faye), I actually had tons of fun… laughing, eating, and dancing for the glory of the Lord. It was very very fun, and I found out that,

“Whatever you do, when you do it for the Lord, NOTHING is boring”

When I went home after the practice, all sweaty and flushed, we had a bible study with our ‘Heart Group’, and I learnt about LOVE. I found out that there was A LOT I didn’t know about love… Gosh, I need lots of love. *smiley face* πŸ™‚

At the end of the bible study, I joined dad as he sent the people home, and while we were talking, I suddenly felt alone, like nobody understands me and how I feel.

And at night, I cried myself to sleep with the song ‘Just Pray’ by Moriah Peters echoing in my ears… and that’s what I did.


So today, I danced the tambourine at church and I felt good… I will definitely try it again next time. Especially if I’m gonna dance for Jesus ❀

After church, Jelly, Dodo, Aunty Orange, and Krusty went to my house and watched HALF of the World War Z (The computer crashed right at the middle, when the -SPOILER ALERT-). We also ate homemade frenchfries, Pansit Kanton, and watched Yes or No (Thai)

Then we went to Dubai Mall to eat, but as we arrived, Jelly and Krusty had to leave. So me, Dodo, and Orange are left.

I expected it to be awkward, since we aren’t all close, but it was actually good πŸ™‚ Me and Dodo roamed around the mall, talking about life and our family (and our crushes) *wink- wink* ;D

And, I learnt a lot today…

That my Aunty Orange’s husband Joey, worked at Tarzam! Haha but besides that, I found out that,


PS. My hands hurt from writing on this diary.

(A/N: This is really my diary and I tell the truth, hope you guys could relate to this, and remember, GOD HAS A WAY, He always has a way…)


I Had A Normal Dream… which is Weird.

[6:25 AM]


This dream is rather different than what I normally dream about. This one, is more… normal (which is weird), cause usually my dream has a more creepy and futuristic looking place, but instead, it was my house. With the old red carpet. And instead of something eerie or scary, it was me and my family, practicing for church.

In my dream, I was sitting on the sofa with my mom while dad was on the ground playing the piano with Gab on his right side. In this dream, we were all practicing for a song at church, and there was a mobile phone floating in the thin air while it takes video of us. (the only thing unusual)

And we were all smiling… mom even slipped a few notes and went out off tune, but she just laughed. The rest of us did.

Then the most funny part was that dad… dad- did something funny. But I forgot what it was. He farted? I guess? He made a funny face? I feel so bad for loosing this bit. I hope I’ll remember it soon.

The whole reason though, why I’m up early just to share this dream with you is,

1. I want to understand the dream, to know what it meant.

2. Most of the dreams I had were sad and scary.

3. I’m feeling depressed. I’m suddenly comparing my life to others. My friends are out there having fun, while I’m… I’m lying here… on the floor, no kidding πŸ˜€ hehe wanted to joke a little, I need to have some sense in me. GOD has a way, I just have to be patient.

4. I love this. The dream to be specific. Me and my family had done it before, singing together for JESUS. And it was- I wanted to cry because I was just so emotional, but not in front of them. I love GOD so much, that He gave me such a beautiful family…

And those are the reasons why, and after writing a whole list of reasons, I realized that, (another lists of reasons coming up)

1. I am blessed.

2. I have a beautiful sister.

3. I have a family.

4. I have friends.

5. I dont know if GOD is trying to show me something with this dream, but I really do hope so.

6. My dream, must’ve been speaking of how it was like when me and my family did things together for the glory of the LORD. Why? Because that red carpet hasn’t been used, since it got all dirty and hard to clean. Though I am not a 100% sure with what my dream means, I really really do want to be with my family, doing things that would glorify GOD.

7. But then again, my dream must’ve been about how we should spend our days with CHRIST, with our family. I just couldnt help but add the fuzzy red carpet into this :D. I bought that carpet… it had a good quality when we were at the mall. Apparently, our scheduled cleaning time isn’t that early, so it got messy quick. *sheepish smile*

So, that basically wraps it up! I’m happy I had this… chat with you guys πŸ™‚ I miss blogging, I really do. And after this, it made me want to blog again. Maybe, because I didn’t have anyone to talk to, and that I have been busy trying to be busy to even talk to GOD.

I am really really sorry Father… I’m sorry…

Can I talk to Him for a minute? I just need some time, and I thought that this is a good one. I wont be typing what I am saying to Him, it is to be heard by His ears only.

Okay, so, I’m gonna end this with a ‘see you later’? I’m not really my witty self today, its 7:03 AM now, and I couldn’t sleep. I wanna keep tying, but I gotta post this πŸ™‚

Umm, I want you guys to pray for me though, and- there’s a lot of people I want you to pray for with me, but for safety reasons (which I rarely do, but I have to keep aware at times) I will change their names- I want you to pray for my Family (mom, dad, and sister), for the church, my Aunt and her pregnancy (her uterus has the shape of a heart, and the baby will have trouble growing), my Aunt orange and her husband, whatever their difficulties are (she wouldn’t tell), my friend Jim for feeling so alone, left out, and jealousy, and lastly my grandparents, Apoy Lolli ,who is 90+ in age, but still going strong and Nanay Mari, who is 80+ and has some problems here and there, but through our Lord Jesus Christ, nothing is impossible!

Thank you my lovlies πŸ™‚ God bless!

My Story of Me. Prologue.



July 6 2013

Dear, Whoever-is-the-reader

This is a diary- but I don’t write ‘dear’ to my diaries- apparently, I am in a writer’s block and I wanted to write something where I WON’T have any ‘writer’s block’- if that is even possible- so here I am, a girl who decided to write a story of what is happening in her life- some may be enhanced and told in way… in MY way to be clear- but it will still be a story of ME. Me being my own character. I decided to make this one a little different and add some kind of twist to it (add some spice yah know?) but each chapter will be different and It depends… Depends on what, Rey?

Depends on something I do not know it depends on.

I’ve always wanted to start my diary with an ‘About Me’ but as you could see… I didn’t (because I am such a bad arse), so I am gonna write one now…


Name: Reyona Denise Charming

Age: 14 *scribbles the number 4* Nope, sorry I lied. I’m TURNING 14, so technically I am still 13.

Describe myself:Β 

I am… who I am. I am Reyona Denise Charming and I am in love… no, not with a boy, but with someone more powerful. I am in love with GOD. My Savior, my Hero, my Creator. I have a beautifully annoying young sister, Sarah. And two wonderful parents, my mom, Martha and my dad, Harris.Β 

Okay- this isn’t exactly describing myself, but what do I know about Diaries? OH GOSH! Sorry, I heard a noise… Okay, you may be wondering why I have to write every single detail of what is happening right now, well, it is because I want to, its part of the story telling process. Now, no more asking questions for you. Anyways, I am home alone right now, my parents went to a birthday party which I really didnt want to go to and I am freakin’ out! A single creak is enough to give me a heart attack!

I put on the song ‘He loves us’ by David Crowder to distract me from unharmful noises and is a reminder that Jesus is with me no matter what.

Moving on… I won’t always write like this, but I will turn this diary into a descriptive or feature story. I hope you will enjoy this book/ diary/ story or whatever it is to youΒ and find some kind of ‘stuffs’ you could relate to. There is no ending to this story, because it is a story of my Β life. See what I did there? I will NEVER have a writer’s block this time… or so I hope.

Oh! and before I end this, I would like you to know that these real-life-living people in my story has their names are changed… into something cooler. Haha!

Love, Reyona Charming xoxoxo πŸ˜‰

PS. Just wanted to try that ‘xoxo’ thing. My friends do this all the time, but I don’t think I’d get used to it.

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Jan 25 2013


Off to church! Quite foggy this morning, I love the fog πŸ˜€


Pretty Mom!


Pastor and his wife at church.


Pastor singing for his wife. Awwww!


Happy Birthday Ninang Doris!


My crazy church mates! Crazy for Jesus





After church

Off to Aunt Joy’s house for their baby Nica’s Birth month!

Happy Birth Month Veronica!


Then we went to buy some books! and look what I found!



Apparently I wasnt able to buy truth seeker…

After that, we went to City Center, where Gab was able to play…


Ecclesiastes 3:11

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.

Oh thank you Lord for this day…