Me and Shopping?… Nah.

11:08 May 24, 2013


I went to the mall with my mom and her friend to shop for… unfortunately clothes.

One thing I learned was that the shop “Splash”, sucks. The music. The clothes… Sooo not me.

Bershka, Forever 21, and New Look on the other hand are malls I would most definitely go to, if I had the choice to choose, well, of course you can choose, Mary! Obvious!

I never really go to the mall to shop for clothes unless mom tells me to. Soo, this is quite new to me. Besides the fact that I am a picky person, most of the clothes I like are expensive, BUT rare. My mom would buy them for me in a flash, mostly because she loves me, and also because it takes FOREVER for me to choose something that I like.

If you see me in the mall, I might be searching for books to buy, having a night out, OR forced to get some new clothes. Shopping is exhausting man! The soles of my feet are practically burning from excruciating pain! and you might say, “Oh Mary, your over exaggerating yourself” Nooooo. I am not.

It really huuurts man! Like literally. No kidding. Buuut I cant say it wasnt worth it. You see, God always has His wonderous little ways. One thing I love about Him.

At the end, I got some red velvet cupcakes (My favorite) and a delicious warm coffee (just how I like it). Ahh, my tummy was really satisfied. I got my new dress and I’m happy.

Now, I’m just sitting on this coffee shop with my family and their friends, typing this short diary up, and waiting ’till I get home for me to post this on my blog.

I’m feeling a little floaty right now, and what I mean by floaty?

Happy & Contented.

Sigh, God really knows how to make my day… I mean, evening, since its not morning anymore. Well, obviously.

Oh Mary, you never seem to amuse me.

Oh shucks, you flatter me, conscience.

Uggh, Im talking to myself again, people would think I’m crazy…

Well, I’m not exactly talking am I?

What they dont know wouldnt hurt them, would it?

Scoff, it will!

Uggh nevermind. Have a nice day… Night.


Bible Verse of The Week <3

Beautiful Daisies -Mary Pacis

Beautiful Daisies -Mary Pacis

Micah 7:8

Do not gloat over me, my enemy! Though I have fallen, I will rise. Though I sit in darkness, the LORD will be my light.


Feb 26, 2012

If all you see is darkness, then to light you must adjust.

Once all you see is light, then to light you give your trust.

If you have sinned again, someday soon you’ll understand, that God is always there to lend you a helping hand.

– Mary Pacis


AMEN! To be honest, I have forgotten about Jesus for awhile… I have forgotten His light, His glory, His grace… Yesterday, we had a Music practice for our church, well my parents did, and while our Pastor was praying. It goes a little something like this:

Pastor: Lord, thank you for…… yada yada yada

Me: Thank you Lord… Yes Lord…

Pastor: We pray for… yada yada yada… and we give thanks for Evelyn is pregnant.

Me: Yes Lord… Yes Lo- WHAT?! ( I didn’t shout it out loud though)

My Ninang (Aunt) is pregnant?! I was, well, shocked. In a good way… how come nobody told me this before? I almost cried, I was sooo happy! Honestly, I thought she was never going to have another baby, since she already has 3 children. The eldest being 17, then 13, and the youngest 8.

Its really such a blessing ❤ But its not always at these time that we should Thank the Lord. We should praise His name, ALL THE TIME ❤

In His Arms. -Mary Pacis


- Mary Pacis

– Mary Pacis

April 22, 2013. 10:00 pm

My name is Ajee.

I am an anti social person.

I have no friends. Literally, no friends.

Nobody would talk to me,

Or maybe, I’m just invisible.

I’ve been invisible for years, or at least, I thought so.

One day, a young boy said ‘Hi’

Of course he wasn’t talking to me… he couldn’t have.

But then he said my name. Ajee.

Then I knew.

He became my best friend for years. He was nice.

He taught me about God.

He taught me about Life.

He taught me a lot of things, even though I was older than him.

He changed me…

One day, I found out he had cancer and only has a few days to live.

I cried.

and cried.

and cried.

I was angry with God.

I was angry with everything.

Everything was unfair.

Until, my friend died.

We were at the hospital.

We were holding hands.

He told me “Do not lose faith, Ajee…”

“The Lord has a plan.”

I just nodded, playing with his hair.

He smiled and breathe his last breath.

“I see the light…” He whispered

I smiled, my cheeks drenched with tears.

I knew then.

He is safe.

He is safe with God.

In His arms.

– Mary Pacis

Finding Life and Second Chances. Chapter 1.

- Mary Pacis

– Mary Pacis

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“Peter! Stay with me! Don’t leave…”

I groaned at Aunt Bea’s frantic screams. It is 2:00 am in the morning. Typical.

“Peter…” she sobbed.

I took one more minute before finally standing up, dragging myself to her room. I’ve grown enough of this! After Uncle Peter died, she’s been drinking and having nightmares for 2 years! 2 long years! I’m supposed to be sulking in bed, crying for my parents to come back, to be there for me… but they’re gone. They’ve been gone for four years…

I entered her room to see her rocking herself back and forth, sobbing, but quietly now. The anger and irritation I felt, softened. She’s hurting. And I was being such a whiny jerk… I sat on her bed and hugged her, cooing words, saying ‘its okay’ and ‘everythings alright’, but is it really?

She stopped sobbing and relaxed. Her breath smelt like beer which made me cringe, she’s drinking again… I was about to lecture her, but she was already fast asleep. I carefully lay her back and tucked her in bed, petting her hair before checking the time. 4:35 am. I could go back to bed, but it was no use, I was already wide awake. So I decided to stop by at the beach. I grabbed my bag and left, taking one more look at Aunt Bea and layed a note on the fridge.

‘Just went to the beach, Love Sunny.’

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Colossians 3:23

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men,

I’m Unique, just like everyone else -Unknown

I am a zebra like all others, like all others I’m unique – Mary Pacis

Credits to: Google

Credits to: Google

Isn’t it quite ironic? Like your supposed to be unique, but everyone else is too 😀 I just found this pretty funny, I hope you guys do too, which is the specific reason for posting this random quote…

Apparently,  I have been feeling a bit left out and also self conscious… I used to think that “God made me in His image, for a reason” and I still  believe in that, but I can’t help but over think…

My friends say I think too much, though it is very true, it still doesn’t stop me from contemplating… can I change the way I think? Maybe… Is it a good thing to think too much? is there a difference between thinking too much and worrying? These are questions that starts to form in my head…

There was this one time (I’m not sure if I already told this story) when I was talking to myself, I tend to do this a lot, but it isn’t at all weird, many people talk to themselves, it’s just that, I am known to be weird and crazy, people have that planted in their heads already… I’m okay being called weird and crazy, for fun and all… but to take it seriously? Now I’m really wondering if I am…

So anyways, I was talking to myself when one of my friends asked “Mary, are you a special child?” my classmate beside her scoffed and I kind of felt a bit, I don’t know, shocked that someone would ask such a question, but then again, she said ‘special’ so I’m not sure which special was she referring to, so I voiced out my thoughts and said “What exactly do you mean by, special?” but before she could answer “Of course not, I am not mentally disordered…”

It was kind of rude to ask that kind of question and quite personal… I mean, just adding the word ‘special’ doesn’t make it any less bad…

I just noticed, that I have been thinking about this ‘special child’ thing… what’s past is past, I know I am not… crazy or mentally deprived or anything… so what’s the point of thinking about it now?

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present. 
– Bil Keane

I’ve been so self conscious of my skin, hair, legs, etc. most people say “You look pretty just the way you are…” then what is stopping me from believing this is true… maybe, it’s just me…

Maybe it is because I simply “Think too much”

It’s good to think, but not too much 😀

I never really wish to go back to the past, all I miss are the good ol’ memories – Mary Pacis