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Bible Verse of the Week || Envy.

I do not own this photo

I do not own this photo


A feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by someone else’s possessions, qualities, or luck.

Today, our topic is about “Envy”. Don’t say you haven’t been jealous before, everybody gets jealous in one point of time in their lives. I get jealous of my younger sister at times and sometimes too jealous that it brought hatred to my heart. That’s the dangerous part. You could say that, the worst enemy of friendship is ENVY. 

1.) Is there something that could, I don’t know… overpower jealousy?

Yes, and that is…LOVE. 

2.) What is envy, to be exact?

Envy is resenting God’s goodness to others and ignoring God’s goodness to me. 

Where there is envy, you find every kind of evil (James 3:16)


The last will be first and the first will be last (Matthew 20:1-16)

1. Stop comparing yourself to others.
Reasons not to compare:

a. You (we) are unique.

b. Leads to pride and envy.

I am unique (Psalm 139:14)

2. Start enjoying God’s grace to others.

Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn (Romans 12:15)

3. Be grateful for what you have.

– Enjoy what you have rather than desiring what you don’t have. Just dreaming about nice things is meaningless- Like chasing the wind  (Ecclesiastes 6:9)

4. STOP comparing; STOP competing.

5. Trust God when life seems unfair.


When you’re envious, you’re in a battle with God, you accuse Him for being unfair.

– When you’re busy serving, you don’t have time for envy.

If your brother sins against you, go and show him his fault just between the two of you. If he listens to you, you have won your brother over (Matthew 18: 15)

My Story of Me. Prologue.



July 6 2013

Dear, Whoever-is-the-reader

This is a diary- but I don’t write ‘dear’ to my diaries- apparently, I am in a writer’s block and I wanted to write something where I WON’T have any ‘writer’s block’- if that is even possible- so here I am, a girl who decided to write a story of what is happening in her life- some may be enhanced and told in way… in MY way to be clear- but it will still be a story of ME. Me being my own character. I decided to make this one a little different and add some kind of twist to it (add some spice yah know?) but each chapter will be different and It depends… Depends on what, Rey?

Depends on something I do not know it depends on.

I’ve always wanted to start my diary with an ‘About Me’ but as you could see… I didn’t (because I am such a bad arse), so I am gonna write one now…


Name: Reyona Denise Charming

Age: 14 *scribbles the number 4* Nope, sorry I lied. I’m TURNING 14, so technically I am still 13.

Describe myself: 

I am… who I am. I am Reyona Denise Charming and I am in love… no, not with a boy, but with someone more powerful. I am in love with GOD. My Savior, my Hero, my Creator. I have a beautifully annoying young sister, Sarah. And two wonderful parents, my mom, Martha and my dad, Harris. 

Okay- this isn’t exactly describing myself, but what do I know about Diaries? OH GOSH! Sorry, I heard a noise… Okay, you may be wondering why I have to write every single detail of what is happening right now, well, it is because I want to, its part of the story telling process. Now, no more asking questions for you. Anyways, I am home alone right now, my parents went to a birthday party which I really didnt want to go to and I am freakin’ out! A single creak is enough to give me a heart attack!

I put on the song ‘He loves us’ by David Crowder to distract me from unharmful noises and is a reminder that Jesus is with me no matter what.

Moving on… I won’t always write like this, but I will turn this diary into a descriptive or feature story. I hope you will enjoy this book/ diary/ story or whatever it is to you and find some kind of ‘stuffs’ you could relate to. There is no ending to this story, because it is a story of my  life. See what I did there? I will NEVER have a writer’s block this time… or so I hope.

Oh! and before I end this, I would like you to know that these real-life-living people in my story has their names are changed… into something cooler. Haha!

Love, Reyona Charming xoxoxo 😉

PS. Just wanted to try that ‘xoxo’ thing. My friends do this all the time, but I don’t think I’d get used to it.

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The Girl in the Mirror

Credits to: Google

Credits to: Google

 June 27 2013  [3:50 AM]

The girl in the mirror, deems herself a disgrace

Forming atomies of detrimental thoughts about her fate.

Wallowing in self pity, as the young lass lay in woe,

Fellow men think her lovely, they swear their hearts could overflow.

Yet she never doth believe, she deems that all are foolish lies,

The girl in the mirror doubts she ever need to surmise.

Affirming to herself a horrid woman is she,

Hiding in a place where no one could ever see.

Her beautiful face is as fair as the moon, 

Her eyes, her soul would make all the lads swoon.

But filled in dejection, no forbearance and comfort,

Never did they see the young lady again….

For she was pretty good at hiding.

– Mary Pacis


Haha sorry, I was actually feeling the poem and suddenly lost it 😀 As you could see, it is about a girl who is beautiful, gorgeous, lovely, yet she refuses to believe it. If you’re that girl, I want you to look at the mirror and see through the eyes of God. You are worth more than many sparrows, worth more than diamonds. Plus, diamonds don’t even shine. But you have the chance to shine… and it’s your choice.

Remember that God LOVES you.

Proverbs 31:30

Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.

Birthdays, Love, and Joy.


As most of you already know… I am absolutely NOT a big fan of parties, wether its a halloween party, birthday party, funeral party (wink wink). They’re all the same to me.

Until Caleb’s birthday… to tell you the truth, I dont really know how old he is. Well, today is his birthday in which I attended (I had no choice). My teenage friends werent there (besides AJ) and I was quite lonely. I didnt mind though.

It was time to sing happy birthday to the birthday boy. This happens to be my favorite part besides from the amusement I get from watching the kids play. So, we were all rounding up to sing “Happy Birthday” to Caleb, Caleb, is a very special child (and what I mean by special is UNIQUE, just because someone says special child doesnt automatically mean mentally crazy or something). He is just like all the other boys, and just like other boys, he is unique.

While we were singing Happy Birthday, he had this big grin on his face, he was soo happy. It made me realize that there is really no reason for me to dislike parties or anything. The truth is, I dont even dislike it. I just get bored easily…

I felt my tears start to water. WAIT! What I mean is, I felt my eyes start to water. (Sorry). It was ju- I felt this nice, warm, fuzzy, ticklish, annoying  little feeling inside of me. I dont know why. Maybe its the kid’s smile. He was just SO happy. I then start to imagine me and my kid someday, which made me want to cry more, but my girly (manly) pride wont let me.

Things like these make me feel the joys of being in love with our Father, God. Its really a wonder how He loves us even though we broke His heart many times, He still forgives…

I Love You Jesus.

Gossip -Mary Pacis


Be Careful.

One Move.

One step.

Think twice.

Its a lytic infection, it spreads.

In the herd you stay, wrong move, you’re dead!

Be Careful.

One move.

One step.

Think twice.

Nothing they say is real, and no one knows how I really feel.

The smile on my face, deceiving. But no one knows that I’m actually grieving.

Be Careful.

One move.

One step.

Think twice.

– Mary Pacis


I went outside my classroom to eat in peace without anyone bothering me.

Then this guy came up to me and asked a random question, probably just to get my attention, and then left. Lets just say Im not popular with the boys and one of my classmates saw me talking to ‘him’ and literally screamed it to the whole class… yeah…

So I made this poem and added a pirate-ish tune, like in the movie ‘les mislerables’… if thats how you spell it…

God bless you guys! and no gossiping!

In His Arms. -Mary Pacis


- Mary Pacis

– Mary Pacis

April 22, 2013. 10:00 pm

My name is Ajee.

I am an anti social person.

I have no friends. Literally, no friends.

Nobody would talk to me,

Or maybe, I’m just invisible.

I’ve been invisible for years, or at least, I thought so.

One day, a young boy said ‘Hi’

Of course he wasn’t talking to me… he couldn’t have.

But then he said my name. Ajee.

Then I knew.

He became my best friend for years. He was nice.

He taught me about God.

He taught me about Life.

He taught me a lot of things, even though I was older than him.

He changed me…

One day, I found out he had cancer and only has a few days to live.

I cried.

and cried.

and cried.

I was angry with God.

I was angry with everything.

Everything was unfair.

Until, my friend died.

We were at the hospital.

We were holding hands.

He told me “Do not lose faith, Ajee…”

“The Lord has a plan.”

I just nodded, playing with his hair.

He smiled and breathe his last breath.

“I see the light…” He whispered

I smiled, my cheeks drenched with tears.

I knew then.

He is safe.

He is safe with God.

In His arms.

– Mary Pacis