Bible Verse of the Week || Bullied because of Jesus?

I do not own this picture

I do not own this picture

Matthew 5:11

“Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account.

Though I haven’t been bullied for being- what some people call a ‘Jesus freak’, there would be a time in my life where I would… and I don’t know if I would be ready to confront that yet. I tend to be easily annoyed, angered, and very sensitive, it scares me that I might lose my temper and say or do something I would regret. And there are also times when I hesitate to talk about God because I am afraid of rejection and people teasing me for being so ‘religious’ when that is not even the point.

But I do have these very rewarding moments where I gather every courage I could get and share the word of God to my friends and family- knowing that if I failed, I have done my job and God will do the rest.

There was this time when I sat down beside my mom’s step father who held a cigar on his left hand, “So…” he suddenly spoke, blowing away a puff of smoke that faded to the air. I watched mesmerized as the smoke danced around, but the undeniable rapid beating of my heart confirmed to me that I was very nervous about what he would say “You’re a born against huh?” he asked whilst bringing the cigar to his mouth and taking a deep breath. I chuckled a bit feeling slightly amused from his mistake and also slightly offended, “Its born again- not against” I corrected uneasily, then wondered silently if I should talk and what I would say if I did. “Do you believe in God?” I asked and he replied with a ‘yes’, “Then why do you drink and smoke?” I continued, hoping I have not offended him with this question. I do not recall what he said to be exact- but what I do remember is being a little sad, disappointed and nervous. I stuttered a lot and talked with caution, making sure I didn’t say something wrong or to offend.

This was my first encounter with talking about God to someone- not so close- or a family member. I was disappointed with myself and when our little chat ended, that was the time when I thought thoroughly about what I should have said- sadly- I do not remember if I found out what to say or if I know the answer that I should’ve said. Though this is not exactly bullying I will tell you something that would help both our problems…

Psalm 118:6

The Lord is on my side; I will not fear. What can man do to me?

Romans 8:31

What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?

We have to be able to ACCEPT rejection and remember NOT to argue- but share the word of God… by arguing it is winning we are trying to achieve, but the truth is, we do not want to win an argument, but we want to win a soul.

I have made a lot of mistakes and would make a bad role model  as a Christian- I do not know if you recall- the banana problem

It was break time and we were in the cafeteria, I had a banana in my lunch box, but it was smashed, so, being me I decided to throw it, then my classmate butts in and said “Don’t waste the food and throw it around, some people cant even afford food” then I got guilty, but I still wasn’t willing to eat it so I said “I’ll give it to my snail then” (cause I have a snail), but my classmate still didn’t approve, she shook her head disappointedly and asked my other classmate next to her about my religion (which was completely unexpected) my classmate replied with disgust clear on her face “Born Again” she spat, and that, just sank my heart… It showed me that I had to be careful about things I do, even small things like banana’s…

Trust me, being a christian isn’t all easy- but it isn’t meant to be easy. To have someone die on the cross for you… that’s some intense and serious love. The people who bully you don’t know who’m they’re dealing with…


P.S. That doesn’t mean they aren’t a child of GOD- the only difference between you and the person is that they aren’t aware of that. Which is where you come in and tell to them the truth. Imagine a dramatic scene where you place your hands on their shoulder, looking straight into their eyes saying “We are brothers/sisters”. I’m just kidding!

God bless you guys and have a GREAT day!

You have a voice, go on and use it. You have a choice, don’t let them shut you down ~JJ Heller



My Story of Me. Prologue.



July 6 2013

Dear, Whoever-is-the-reader

This is a diary- but I don’t write ‘dear’ to my diaries- apparently, I am in a writer’s block and I wanted to write something where I WON’T have any ‘writer’s block’- if that is even possible- so here I am, a girl who decided to write a story of what is happening in her life- some may be enhanced and told in way… in MY way to be clear- but it will still be a story of ME. Me being my own character. I decided to make this one a little different and add some kind of twist to it (add some spice yah know?) but each chapter will be different and It depends… Depends on what, Rey?

Depends on something I do not know it depends on.

I’ve always wanted to start my diary with an ‘About Me’ but as you could see… I didn’t (because I am such a bad arse), so I am gonna write one now…


Name: Reyona Denise Charming

Age: 14 *scribbles the number 4* Nope, sorry I lied. I’m TURNING 14, so technically I am still 13.

Describe myself: 

I am… who I am. I am Reyona Denise Charming and I am in love… no, not with a boy, but with someone more powerful. I am in love with GOD. My Savior, my Hero, my Creator. I have a beautifully annoying young sister, Sarah. And two wonderful parents, my mom, Martha and my dad, Harris. 

Okay- this isn’t exactly describing myself, but what do I know about Diaries? OH GOSH! Sorry, I heard a noise… Okay, you may be wondering why I have to write every single detail of what is happening right now, well, it is because I want to, its part of the story telling process. Now, no more asking questions for you. Anyways, I am home alone right now, my parents went to a birthday party which I really didnt want to go to and I am freakin’ out! A single creak is enough to give me a heart attack!

I put on the song ‘He loves us’ by David Crowder to distract me from unharmful noises and is a reminder that Jesus is with me no matter what.

Moving on… I won’t always write like this, but I will turn this diary into a descriptive or feature story. I hope you will enjoy this book/ diary/ story or whatever it is to you and find some kind of ‘stuffs’ you could relate to. There is no ending to this story, because it is a story of my  life. See what I did there? I will NEVER have a writer’s block this time… or so I hope.

Oh! and before I end this, I would like you to know that these real-life-living people in my story has their names are changed… into something cooler. Haha!

Love, Reyona Charming xoxoxo 😉

PS. Just wanted to try that ‘xoxo’ thing. My friends do this all the time, but I don’t think I’d get used to it.

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The Embarrassment! >.<

Sooo, my aunt just called on the phone and asked for her son, so I did what I always do, shout the name then resume to what I was doing.

Credits to: Google

Credits to: Google

Thing is, I didn’t notice that her son never came up to the phone and I never really ended the call. And guess what I was doing? I was talking to myself. Well technically I was taking video of myself talking to the camera… when I was done doing what I was doing. I turned around, and spotted the telephone. Gah! I can’t- I can’t take it. So embarrassing. Could she have heard what I was saying?! Arrgh! That would be sooo embarrassing.

Anyways, I don’t know if she DID hear what I was saying or something… so what I don’t know won’t hurt right? WRONG! hehe, sorry, just felt like doing that… you know… eh never mind. Have you guys ever felt embarrassed about something?

Finding Life and Second Chances. Chapter 5.

- Mary Pacis

– Mary Pacis

Sunny’s P.O.V

I let the world around me fade. All that was registered on my mind was,




I ignored the light throbbing of my head, running quickly to the direction of where I heard the scream. My feet pummeled on the hard sand, burning from its warmth. I was itching to wipe the bead of sweat that has formed on my forehead, I bit my lips in frustration

Where in the world is she?

I stopped running and looked around the empty beach, massaging the pain in my abdomen. The sun was scorching down on my skin, I felt cooked, it wasn’t even funny…

I pulled myself down on the sand, feeling its rough texture rub on my sweaty skin.

Lord, where is she? what would happen to a young girl? Please tell me where to go… show me the path…

‘Keep moving forward child… you’re near.’

I frowned in confusion, is this God?

‘Yes child…’

Or is it just me? Is it just what I want believe in? that this is God speaking? I shook my head and stood up, still confused. I licked my dry lips, dusting away the sand that stuck on my arms and legs and peeled my shirt off from my sweaty skin. I ran my hands through my greasy hair. Just 10 more steps wouldn’t hurt, or lets make it 20?

‘Keep moving forward…’

I bit my lips and nodded, walking forwards, looking around. I just kept walking… walking… walking… and walking… But guess what I found?


I was about to turn around and give up until I saw a distant figure, I squinted my eyes to see more clearly

Maybe its just a mirage.. 

I started walking towards the figure feeling the pace of my heart increase. As I moved closer, I noticed that the person is not alone.

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Sunny lost her parents in a car crash at the age of 13, her Uncle died from Cancer, and her Aunt is a drunkard. Its like everything has fallen apart. Where is God in this? Why is this happening to her? But what she didn’t realize was that, God has been there all along, and He has a plan for her… a very good plan…

Finding Life and Second Chances is a novel about Family, Friendship, Love, Life, and Second Chances.

1 Peter 5:10

And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will Himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.

Finding Life and Second Chances. Chapter 4.

- Mary Pacis

– Mary Pacis

Chapter 4 (Preview)

Lazerus’ P.O.V.

“Rus! breakfast’s ready!” mom yelled from downstairs. I sighed, taking one last look at the young boy in the picture. He was smiling, his grey eyes twinkling with happiness. He was so happy…

You know the last time I saw him? Everything was in slow motion. That was the worst part. I had to watch him, his fear stricken face as the car fell crashing down to the ocean. His screams muffled by the water. I had to do something. I knew I had to. I remember struggling to unstrap myself from the seatbelt, the salt water burning my eyes, but I had to see, I had to see my brother… I remember somebody grabbing me, lifting me up from the water, I was screaming, screaming even though it meant losing my breath. But it was muffled by the water… I remember falling unconscious, and I remember, before everything went black, I remember thinking, I had to get my brother…

It’s your fault your brother died. a voice said inside my head.

I ignored it… but the guilt stayed. It’s like a man trying to find his way out, only to find himself in the same spot…


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Sunny lost her parents in a car crash at the age of 13, her Uncle died from Cancer, and her Aunt is a drunkard. Its like everything has fallen apart. Where is God in this? Why is this happening to her? But what she didn’t realize was that, God has been there all along, and He has a plan for her… a very good plan…

Finding Life and Second Chances is a novel about Family, Friendship, Love, Life, and Second Chances.

1 Peter 5:10

And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will Himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.

Finding Life and Second Chances. Chapter 1.

- Mary Pacis

– Mary Pacis

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“Peter! Stay with me! Don’t leave…”

I groaned at Aunt Bea’s frantic screams. It is 2:00 am in the morning. Typical.

“Peter…” she sobbed.

I took one more minute before finally standing up, dragging myself to her room. I’ve grown enough of this! After Uncle Peter died, she’s been drinking and having nightmares for 2 years! 2 long years! I’m supposed to be sulking in bed, crying for my parents to come back, to be there for me… but they’re gone. They’ve been gone for four years…

I entered her room to see her rocking herself back and forth, sobbing, but quietly now. The anger and irritation I felt, softened. She’s hurting. And I was being such a whiny jerk… I sat on her bed and hugged her, cooing words, saying ‘its okay’ and ‘everythings alright’, but is it really?

She stopped sobbing and relaxed. Her breath smelt like beer which made me cringe, she’s drinking again… I was about to lecture her, but she was already fast asleep. I carefully lay her back and tucked her in bed, petting her hair before checking the time. 4:35 am. I could go back to bed, but it was no use, I was already wide awake. So I decided to stop by at the beach. I grabbed my bag and left, taking one more look at Aunt Bea and layed a note on the fridge.

‘Just went to the beach, Love Sunny.’

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Colossians 3:23

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men,