Evangelism || Anywhere, Anytime, Anyone [God’s Perfect Timing]

Before I share with you my very first successful and filled-with-passion evangelizing to a 7 year old, I would like to explain “Anywhere, Anything Time, Anyone”, it basically means ‘do not limit yourselves in sharing the word of God’ but then of course there is also ‘God’s perfect timing’ and God’s ‘perfect place’ so I just wanted to clear things up a little just so you wouldn’t get confused.

Now to my ‘very first successful and filled-with-passion’ evangelizing-

God loves the little children

 Setting: In the Bus (a ride home)

 Time: Curiosity of the Girl

 – Me
– a 7 year old girl named, Phm
– My sister, Gab

It all started with my pink bible that was given to me by my Pastor as a Christmas present, I brought it with me to school with the  sudden desire and hunger to read it everyday. I opened to Genesis 42 while in the bus ride home. My sister being a very nosy girl,  grabbed the book and read aloud. I grew irritated and made no efforts to hide it. Next to me was Phm, a young girl and a friend of Gab’s (my sister),

she asked suddenly “Is that a bible? It’s so thick! How could you read all that?”
I smiled at her, still irritated at my sister who continued to read aloud,
“I read it little by little” I replied to her,
“What’s story are you reading?” she asked,
“Joseph the Dreamer” I replied once again,
“Joseph the Dreamer?” she repeated with a confused tone in her voice. I smiled at her and carefully told her the story of Joseph- which she still doesn’t get but is very interested and intent in listening. She kept asking questions about God, Heaven, and about prayer. It was very refreshing for me to see an innocent girl her age get so excited and energetic about God.

“Do you know Jesus?” I asked her as it was the most important thing I needed to know. She replied, yes then asked me if Jesus and God are the same. I answered, yes. Then I told her more about Jesus and heaven, that He was the only way to go there. She asked me many things- it was crazy! I’ve never felt so tested, but by the grace of God, I answered every question with- a little thinking done- but with complete ease.  I told her how there were no tears andsadness in heaven, and she smiled the whole time. It was beautiful. I told her that there were many animals in heaven, and she grinned asking me if there were ponies in heaven and unicorns, then mermaids, and the like. I stared at her with laughter in my heart. Lord, how innocent this child is. She asked me where she could find Jesus if she and her family were in Heaven. She told me that she was shy, shy to talk to people. Then I told her that she shouldn’t be shy, especially not to Jesus. “Jesus loves you very much and He really wants to talk to you..”

She was flowing with lots of questions that I just told her “All the answers are in the Bible. That’s why its so big, because we have a lot of questions, and all the answers are in it. God’s words are in it”. She stared at me in awe, then asked “Who writes the bible? How could they write it?”, I told her that God spoke directly to His chosen people in the past and told them what to write. She smiled and asked a lot more questions like, “Are there gadgets in heaven?” , “How big is God?” and some that I couldn’t recall anymore, but in the end of it all she said to me with a smile on her face “Jesus sounds really nice. Heaven sounds nice too! and all the stories you told me about Joseph and.. Da- who?”, “David.” “… David. They’re all so nice- thank you for telling me more about God, Ate Mary”

And I couldn’t help but think how amazing and wonderful God is! And how He had used me as an instrument to share His word to this beautiful girl. Gab even intervened in our conversation giving her point of view and the things she read in the bible. When Phm asked, “Are there any gadgets in heaven?”, Gab replied, “No! Because in the Bible it says ‘Do not JUDGE or you will be judged also’ so no, there are no JUDGES in heaven.” That was just hilarious. What these kids can say and do… you shouldn’t really underestimate them. It’s really a blessing. Phm told me that she was gonna share this to her parents and I replied “Why not?”- my gift for her tomorrow… a bible.

Evangelism is a command and its a really good feeling to share the word of God to others.  So when do you share the word of God and to whom?


Kids, Patience, & A Loose Tooth!

You would think that the bus is the best place to rest in peace… apparently, mine is filled with fighting kids, crying kids, and.. kids, AND their excessive use of “vulgar” words, the most common being, ‘Liar’ and ‘Mean’.

Lalala~ Its fun though… I mean the kids 😀 They’re pretty nice to be with when they aren’t constantly yapping and whining. I laughed when my sister faced me and said “So that’s why you hate kids?”. I guess I needed to be patient and more loving. Maybe that’s why God placed me with these children. Smart…. and Sneaaaky!

They are still kids, so it’s pretty hard to teach them a lesson. I remember me and my troubles when I was younger, and weirdly enough, my sister is having the same problems as well. It gets pretty annoying when they don’t understand- but if was able to figure these conflicts out- with the help of Jesus and my family- then through God’s timing, maybe my sister will find it out soon 🙂

BTW, she’s experiencing her first LOOSE TOOTH! Moving it back and forth with her finger or tongue. I wonder how she’s dealing with it. If she’s excited, or if she’s nervous… Anyway! One of the kids in the bus told my sister “Stop moving it! It’s scary”, pointing directly at my sister’s tooth. I kinda got irritated with her and told her it was rude to say ‘scary’ and point at other people. She pouted her lips, getting all teary eyed and said “You’re so bad, why are you being mean to me?”. At this point, I felt like -uggh!- sooo annoyed, but I didn’t want her to cry any further so I forced out a smile and distracted her from our current topic, she stopped crying and giggled a little. I wish I felt a little sympathy and love- I’m still working on it though.

After dealing with the kid, I faced my sister who was still angry at the girl, so I tried to calm her down- ’cause if she’s angry now, she’ll be angry back home, which will make me angry, and stuff will happen. Sibling rivalry and all. Thank the Lord it’s all right, right now 😀

Back to the loose tooth topic! I suddenly wish I could experience it again…

I do not own this picture

I do not own this picture


I watched my dad as he tied a string to the base of my tooth, “Daaaad don’t make it fast okay? Just slow, like this” I slowly tugged the string, making sure I didn’t put much force to it. “Yes yes, I will” he said while looking intently at my mouth, then gave me a smile of assurance- or at least, that’s what I thought it looked like, 

“Ready?” asked dad, lightly holding the string, a smile on his face

“Sloooowly” (>_<“) I reminded him, nervously moving my tooth back and forth with the tip of my tongue,

“I will I will” 

Then suddenly WOOSH! (O_O…) *silence*

“See? it wasn’t that bad” said dad, laughing 

I touched the area where my ‘once-loose-tooth’ was located, still shocked by the quick pull of the string. When I felt that the tooth was no longer in its place…


and it didn’t even hurt….

End of Flashback

Sigh… I miss those days :’) *sniff sniff* Dad even experimented with it and tied the string to the knob of the door, thinking that once you slam the door shut, the force would be enough to pull- or RIP! the tooth out. It didn’t work though, I still remember it- not very clearly though- but I recall dad laughing (._.”) Yay… thanks dad. xD Well! I’ve learnt a lot today 🙂 and recalled some funny moments in the past~ which gives us another good reason of why we should PRAISE THE LORD! ❤ LOVE YOU PAPA JESUS!

PS. Please pray for my voice, it’s kind of lost, I don’t know why it even decided to run away in the first place. Just please pray for it to come back 😥 huhuhu I have to sing for our Church’s Anniversary in 2 days! and I really want to make the Lord proud, if not a good voice, then please also pray to keep away the fear and nervousness I feel. Thank you all! God bless you! ❤

How Much Do You Love Me?

How Much Do You Love Me?. – Reblogged

My comment:

This is absolutely beautiful! I have watched “Guess How Much I Love You” and I really really love this! How lovely your relationship is with Christ and kids ❤ Keep your faith strong! Beautiful! Just Beautiful!
– Mary


All of our bedrooms were upstairs, my seven year old son’s bedroom, across from mine.

I heard my son slam a toy-bin with something lego-ish in it down on the floor, realizing his sister had “remodeled” his masterpiece while he was at school, and all I saw while folding clothes on my bed was a blurry fuzz-of-a boy charging for the stairs, yelling…


When I flew the stairs and rounded the corner to catch up with him because I knew Ryleigh was in the family room, all I saw was Dakota “rushing” her acting like he was going to hurt her, and Ryleigh flenching in fear to an instant hurling scream.

“Dakota, absolutely not,” I said while grabbing an arm and leading him to a seat on the couch. “No way.”

This wasn’t like Dakota’s demeanor at all. As in, at all. I knew this was a learned behavior and sadly I knew exactly where and from whom he had learned it.

Scooping apologies out of the two of them was tougher than scooping a forgotten gallon of rock-hard ice cream, but I was one determined chick.


“God gave you to me to love you… protect you and take care of you… and teach you about Him. Period.”


These words have remained as a foundational rock since they were tiny, and as pre-teens and teens, (did I just type that!?), they are reminded of these words to this day.

They are the words that I pray that they pass on to my grandchildren because timeless scripture stands up on them in a very daily way.

“When we are angry, we do not get to solve our problems physically, ever. As in, ever, because that is not love.”

“Well, she doesn’t love me,” he said, little white leather Nikes hanging over the edge of the brown leather couch, with his tan legs pouring out of his denim shorts.

“Dakota, you wait right here, I’ll be right back.”

This was one of those moments where I didn’t know if I had spoken too soon. I hadn’t seen the tub with his baby-book in it since our last hurried move, so I was counting on it being right where I needed it, when I needed it, or God just let me eat my words.

It was there, right on top.

Possibly the cutest Baby Book I have ever seen… no-no, I take that back; it is by far, titled, “Guess How Much I Love You?”


I will never forget that day, sitting right next to him sharing this book half on his small lap and half on mine.

This was a book all about My Dakota. It had all of the details about him that he was too young to have ever known or remembered, all detailed right there for him to see, cherish, and read. Every square inch of the pages was hand-calligraphied, overspilling the lines to write on.


He was fascinated.

My heart was swollen and full.


Dakota and Ryleigh are only 15 months apart. They were two peas-in-a-pod. They rode in a double stroller side-by-side with more smiles and compliments coming their way than their shy, humbled mama could take, as strangers almost always asked if they were twins when they were toddlers.

When Georgia came along she thought they were the most fascinating twosome she had ever seen. Those two crazies made life from the floor look like it was about ready to get right up and run.

She did.


That very evening Dakota came into my room and told me, “I never knew that you loved me that much.”

Precious… he said, “That’s a whole lotta love.”

The phrase is timeless and is one of my favorites still, ‘Yes, that’s a whole lotta love right there…”


Jesus says to us, “Do you know how much I love you?”

Do you know?

Do your children know?

Do you know that God loved you so stinkin’ very much that He flat gave His absolute only son up to die for you!?

His Bible is all about His love and sacrifice for you. It is all about you.

The living word. Coming alive in new ways, in new aspects, and experiences, and seasons than when you read it before. It lives, and moves, and loves, and “changes” right with you each time you read it.

P.S. The word never ever changes… neater yet, you do; it changes you.

Man, I never noticed that before. Or really, I had never read it quite that way. Or maybe, I have read that one hundreds times before but it didn’t speak to or apply to me until this very day.

His word is exciting because it is all about you and Him.

That whole book is also Jesus’ Baby-Book.

Written just for you.

‘I love you this much… and he spread His arms out wide on a cross to die.’

I love you.

Funny Things JV and Sister Says.

JV and Gab

JV and Gab

March 31, 2013

Dad: You’re in the queue Gab

Gab: Yes, I’m in the Q but I should be in the R…

April 16, 2013

JV: Daaad, what is earth break?

JV’s Dad: Its not earth break son, its earthquake.

JV: Daaaad! Why is the earth quaking?

May 10, 2013

Dad: What’s the date today?

Gab: May 10!

Mom: How did you know Gab?

Gab: Because I saw yesterday is May 9!


Well aren’t kids so cute? Annoying… but cute and pretty smart too. ❤ Maybe that’s why Jesus loves them so much… hmm…

Finding Life and Second Chances.

I wrote a new wattpad story, which I plan to continue no matter what. I would really appreciate it if you guys could check it out. I hope I don’t disappoint, because this is a Christian story and I’m writing it all for the glory of God.

It is entitle “Finding Life and Second Chances”

- Mary Pacis

– Mary Pacis

Sunny lost her parents in a car crash at the age of 13, her Uncle died from Cancer, and her Aunt is a drunkard. Its like everything has fallen apart. Where is God in this? Why is this happening to her? What she didn’t realize was that, God has been there all along, and He has a plan for her… a very good plan…

This book is about Family, Friendship, Love, Life, and Second Chances.

1 Peter 5:10 And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will Himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.

Stink Bug

Credits: Google Image

Credits: Google Image

This animal is called a ‘Brown Marmorated Stink Bug’ or simple called the ‘Stink bug’.

Wiki Time:

The stink bug’s ability to emit an odor through holes in its abdomen is a defense mechanism meant to prevent it from being eaten by birds and lizards. However, simply handling the bug, injuring it, or attempting to move it can trigger it to release the odor.

Hence the name… Stink bug!


Though they may be considered pests. These bugs are actually fascinating creatures, and can also teach us morals and lessons.

Here is a short film of ‘Hermie and Friends’ about Stanley the Stink Bug.

Stanley the Stinkbug Goes to Camp, the sixth episode of Christian theologian Max Lucado’s CG-animated children’s series Hermie and Friends tells the humorous story of the insect Stanley the Stink Bug, a new arrival at Camp Bug-a-Boo whose fellow campers have difficulty handling his unpleasant stench – until God teaches everyone that Stanley only stinks because of his fear that the others won’t like him. This program teaches young viewers that the Lord made each of us special and that we must accept each other in spite of our differences. For two of its lead voices, the film sports the vocal talents of comic greats Tim Conway and the late (and beloved) Don Knotts, who had teamed up years prior in a series of comedy classics for Disney, including The Apple Dumpling Gang, and later headlined and 1979’s The Prize Fighter and 1980’s The Private Eyes. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi

This reminds me of one time I had a friend, who’s smell is… not that appealing, even the teacher herself disliked the smell and rudely asked the girl “Why do you smell like that?” and the girl replied nonchalantly (as if, used to this type of treatment) “I do not know”.

I was young that time, 6 years old. I remember gossiping about the girl to my Best friend (who is now in the Philippines) “She smells really bad” I say, but my BF scolded me and said “She is my friend also and is very nice, treat her nicely.”

God made us for a purpose, and whenever we feel left out or alone, just remember that God is always there for you.


Bitter Sweet Song…

Tom was born in 1942
With eyes of blue
And the doctors said that his birth was far too fast
His heart stopped twice
But yet he survived
As he took his first breathe
His mother took her last
And his father knew that he wasn’t to blame
But he never quite looked at Tom the same after that
And he rarely spoke about her
But when he did
He said your mother used to say this
When the skies are looking bad my dear
And your heart has lost all it’s hope
After dawn there will be sunshine
And all the dust will go
Skies will clear my darling
I’ll wake up with the one I love the most
And in the morning, I’ll make you up
Some tea and toast

When we met through a friend
Who introduced them
The first thing Tom said was “Would you like to dance?”
They moved with each other and when the music got slower
He said “Don’t let go of my hand”
He said “It’s only polite if I ask you tonight
Would it be alright, if I could walk you home?”
That night he told her of his birth
And said when it hurt
He thought about what his mother said about tea and toast

Two quick years they went by
They were side by side
And without a plan, they conceived a little child
He said “Women I love you and this you know
But I only have enough for our food and clothes
But I love you and this baby
Until the day that I die”
She said “We’ll take care of this little life
And we’ll fall in love with her baby blue eyes
And we’ll be alright from some advice that I know”
She said I never got to meet her
But if I did, I’m sure your mother would have said this
When the skies are looking bad my dear
And your heart has lost all it’s hope
After dawn there will be sunshine
And all the dust will go
Skies will clear my darling
I’ll wake up with the one I love the most
And in the morning, I’ll make you up
With some tea and toast

Well he took those words
And he made them proud
He worked day after day
And hour after hour
So that they could buy a little house on the outside of town
The little girl grew up and so did they
They said that they loved each other everyday
And forty years later, that brings us to now
And as they’re walking down the street
Her grip loosens on his hand
He puts his arm around her side as she falls to the ground
He hears her breathing and thats the only sound
Her body on the floor attracts a worried crowd
Tears roll off his face as he says “Don’t let go, now”
And he’s sitting by her bed in the hospital ward
And their daughter walks in with a family of her own
She says “Dad, I don’t know if she can hear you now
but there’s one thing Mum would want you to know”
When the skies are looking bad my dear
And your heart has lost all it’s hope
After dawn there will be sunshine
And all the dust will go
Skies will clear my darling
Now it’s time for you to let go
And in the morning, I’ll wake you up
With some tea and toast