College & Updates on Life!

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Hey! I know its been a long time I haven’t posted anything and I deeply apologize. Life has been quite busy and quick and, in other words, dramatic and crazy. But God has definitely been good in my life. And by the way, I’m in college now! I enrolled at CEU, Manila taking Pre-Dentistry as my pre-med to become a proper dental student. So yeah, there are lots of ongoing changes in my life right now and surprisingly… I’ve been doing well, which makes me even more confident of the Bible verse, Philippines 4:13 “I can do all things THROUGH CHRIST who strengthens me.” and He very well did!

At the age of 15, being pampered and very, let me stress it again with bold and italic letters, very dependent on my parents, going back to my hometown to study and (hopefully) survive without their presence is very daunting to imagine. I mean, they’re only going to stay here for 1 month to guide me through, but then for the rest of the years (6 or more), I’ll be on my own. Then again, I’m not really on my own because, believe it or not, God had EVERYTHING planned out. From the flight home to my schooling and studies- everything was so perfect, even if we haven’t seen it laid out in front of our eyes, everything just comes to place right in the very moment. God provided for everything! Believe me.

Okay, so I haven’t told you this story (because I apparently haven’t updated you guys about anything- sorry about that), but I also enrolled to study in UST to take Nursing, which was a blurry choice of course for me to take- well so is dentistry- ANYWAY (going out of topic), I passed the exam ~ with flying colors! Haha kidding aside, I passed the exam but failed the interview. Which by the way, was held at Skype at Feb 14, 6am which was on Valentines day- isn’t that cool for my very first interview? I wasn’t so sad about not passing, and I trusted God that He had a better plan- but at that time, that was the ONLY school I enrolled in and basically, it would be considered late to enroll into any other school for that matter.

Long story short, I am now officially an Escolarian (what they call their students here at Centro Escolar University) and I am proud to be one! I stay in a dormitory with my 3 roommates, one of which includes my best friend, Shayne (who’s been my bud for 3 years). I can say that the dorm and the school is very secure and well managed. #blessed! And believe it or not but, college is fun and exciting… I’ve made new friends, this and that. AND I didn’t experience any cultural shock or any BIG changes, though externally there are quite many big changes in my life- but no doubt, my God has kept me stable. There are times when I feel out of place (or what we call, OP here in the Philippines), because most of the students are older than me and have already experienced drinking, smoking, and partying. But I’m totally fine with that- with all the things that the Lord has provided for me, I’m pretty sure that He will provide true friends as well 🙂 Another thing I’d like to address, is my need for familiarity. Though I didn’t experience any culture shock, the need for something or someone familiar constantly– how do you say this– it feels ouch and sad. Yeah, that’s how It feels. I just miss my friends, all my church-mates, my sibs, classmates, etc. I just miss them all. I miss Grayham as well (my rabbit), and the smell of the beach and the fresh air. No offense Philippines, but the air, if you haven’t noticed, smells polluted. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the Philippines, especially the people- and I do somehow prefer it over Dubai (don’t be too shocked), but it isn’t exactly the cleanest and safest country out there. And many would agree. To put it out more kindly, its a progressing country.

I haven’t found a church near the dorm yet, but I do attend a Christian church in Pacita which is probably an hour and a half away from the school. I don’t mind, as long as I get to attend the service. You have NO idea how important it is to have friends who will help you and guide you spiritually in your life. The fellowships we have at church is like no other get-togethers. They’re the ones who will encourage you and strengthen you in your journey. With this in mind, I started searching for small community churches near Mendiola while I was still abroad. I’m left with none at the moment. But then again, the Lord will provide.

My relationship with God is improving. I get to spend time with Him more than I did back in Dubai and I’m reminded of Him more as well. I feel very grateful and thankful for what He has done in my life this year. Most especially when I go to church on Sundays… I get overwhelmed and start to get teary eyed because- just because haha. I must admit, though I do take the time to read His word and pray every night, I never really savored it. Get me? I’m always either too tired or too stressed to actually just be in the moment with God. I’m always in a hurry reading the Bible, to finish one chapter just to ease myself from the conviction I get, “SPEND MORE TIME WITH GOD.”  No doubt, I need Him. College is a whole new level. More tests and quizzes. You’ve got the “tests of Faith” and the “Who Am I?” quiz. See what I did there? Haha! 😀 funny… funny…

There’s more where that came from and I’d love to tell you guys every single detail. Man, there’s a lot. But I’ve got to study for my quiz on Botany tomorrow. Hohoho God bless you, mah luvs! ^^


Song of The Week || It Must Be You

If there’s anything good,
Anything that’s good in me,
It must be You, must be You.


Lord, today I’ve been feeling down. I feel so stressed as if I couldn’t accomplish what I want to– but then I remembered that I must accomplish what YOU want me to and that struggling is a part of change. I’ve been living in fear and insecurity. Lord, I want to row my boat back to Your light… though it’s hard to see through the fog sometimes. :-/ but if I look closely, there’s a lot to be thankful about and I am just so over joyed by Your LOVE. Your plans in my life. Your glory and mercy. Your power… Your awesomeness! Please guide me to closer to You, and that whatever happens- You will never forsake me. Lord, I thank You.. ❤ Listening to this song, it made me notice Your goodness in my life. It must be You, Lord! I LOVE YOU!

What a Blessed Day!

So the past few months have been AWESOME and EXHAUSTING, it was beautiful! and you know why? Because it was the day that God has made! I have felt so blessed and thankful for all the things He has done for me. Yes, I have had my doubts and worries, stress and pain, but we just have to remember to trust in the Lord. I haven’t been posting for awhile and I wasn’t able to write about my day since I had exams and, it’s going well, glory be to God. Thing is, I have a bad feeling for my Filipino and History test…

Huhuhu Lord! Filipino test was sooo hard D: I barely knew anything! and I couldn’t ask the teacher because then she would say “I’d be saying the answer if I told you” and I almost cried and I was sooo nervous. But then I remembered that You will always be there for me no matter what- and I thank You for that Thank You Lord!

“Even if I am weak, even if I fail You Lord, You take me up and make me stronger.” – Composition of Brother Joven” ~ Life with Christ, Facebook

And we just finished our ACC church’s 7th year Anniversary! Tons of fun! and glory be to God, I even won an award! and it was in ‘trophy form’~ my first trophy ever…

Youth Role Model Award

 I just felt so blessed and so overwhelmed, it was beautiful. Apparently, I was the ‘Youth Role Model’ and my speech? I didn’t know I had to make a speech! Waaah! (#゚Д゚) so I borrowed baby Johan’s speech and said “Thank you”. Just that. It was funny, yes. But I was nominated for the ‘Youth ROLE MODEL’, I should’ve done better. I was so worried about it, but then, it felt as if the Lord was telling me not to worry… you know the song “Well Done” by Moriah Peters? It felt like that. And it was just… pure bliss. To know that the Lord is proud of you, that you did a good job… its a wonderful feeling. (♥◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)

I just- feel so blessed, there’s no other way to explain it. The Lord works in such mysterious ways… He is so good. And I feel bad at times, when I don’t give Him my time, at least just to say ‘Thank you’. So I’ve made it a habit to talk to Him openly, just like talking to your best friend, and I am hoping that you will also give your time for Him.

BTW, Tito Bobby just came here to Dubai- first time ever ❤ Thank You Lord for bringing Him in here safely. Let this place touch his heart and draw him closer to You. Be with him through trials and pain. You are awesome and I know that You will never let us go…

Song of the Week || What Love is This

You’re all I need Jesus~


You never change, You are the God You say You are
When I’m afraid You calm and still my beating heart
You stay the same, when hope is just a distant thought
You take my pain
And You lead me to the cross

What love is this, that You gave Your life for me
And made a way for me to know You
And I confess You’re always enough for me
You’re all I need

I look to You
I see the scars upon Your hands
And hold the truth
That when I can’t You always can
I’m standing here beneath the shadow of the cross, I’m overwhelmed that I
Keep finding open arms

What love is this that You gave Your life for me and made a way for me to
Know You
And I confess, You’re always enough for me
You’re all I need

Jesus in Your suffering, You were reaching; You thought of me
Jesus in Your suffering, You were reaching; You thought of me

What love is this, that You gave Your life for me
And made a way for me to know You
And I confess, You’re always enough for me
You’re all I need

What love is this, that You gave Your life for me
And made a way for me to know You
And I confess, You’re always enough for me
Always enough for me
Always enough for me

Bible Verse of the Week || Envy.

I do not own this photo

I do not own this photo


A feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by someone else’s possessions, qualities, or luck.

Today, our topic is about “Envy”. Don’t say you haven’t been jealous before, everybody gets jealous in one point of time in their lives. I get jealous of my younger sister at times and sometimes too jealous that it brought hatred to my heart. That’s the dangerous part. You could say that, the worst enemy of friendship is ENVY. 

1.) Is there something that could, I don’t know… overpower jealousy?

Yes, and that is…LOVE. 

2.) What is envy, to be exact?

Envy is resenting God’s goodness to others and ignoring God’s goodness to me. 

Where there is envy, you find every kind of evil (James 3:16)


The last will be first and the first will be last (Matthew 20:1-16)

1. Stop comparing yourself to others.
Reasons not to compare:

a. You (we) are unique.

b. Leads to pride and envy.

I am unique (Psalm 139:14)

2. Start enjoying God’s grace to others.

Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn (Romans 12:15)

3. Be grateful for what you have.

– Enjoy what you have rather than desiring what you don’t have. Just dreaming about nice things is meaningless- Like chasing the wind  (Ecclesiastes 6:9)

4. STOP comparing; STOP competing.

5. Trust God when life seems unfair.


When you’re envious, you’re in a battle with God, you accuse Him for being unfair.

– When you’re busy serving, you don’t have time for envy.

If your brother sins against you, go and show him his fault just between the two of you. If he listens to you, you have won your brother over (Matthew 18: 15)

Pfft! Loving a person is easy! … Think Again.

Credits to owner

Credits to owner

I nervously entered the principal’s office to retrieve my report card, too nervous to concoct an idea of what to say so I just immediately asked for – well, for the report card. I mean, isn’t that why we were here?

Apparently, I forgot to greet her and say ‘Good morning’. Everyone knows it is somewhat rude to not greet someone, so no excuse there. What irritated me, was that the lady -which is our principal at school, I kinda forgot her name… didn’t know her name at the first place and I know that is kind of low of me but I really didn’t know her name, plus, I was too afraid to ask her… she might get more mad- didn’t take it too well. She barely smiled at me and scolded me at how rude I was being. I literally forgot was she said because I was so freakin’ scared!

Anyway, I apologized and tried to smile as much as possible- to show her that I didn’t mean to be so rude (and my first impression wasn’t so good either, don’t ask.) I was about to tear up, I mean, I know it was my fault- but at least be a bit more… I don’t know, genuine?

When I see her, my body tenses and I seem to lose my christianity- that was the worst part- Lord have mercy on me! I try to look at her in a different perspective, I’m trying, but trust me when I say- it is as hard as eating dog poo. I always told myself how easy it was to look at a person through the eyes of God. Now? it isn’t so easy. So I told myself, what could get more worse than this?

When she got my report card, underneath it was a certificate for “Most Well Behaved”! I mentally groaned at such irony. Why now? then chuckled nervously at the lady in which she returned with a feign smile. Ouch.

Credits to owner

Credits to owner

“Most well behaved, huh?” she said, probably thinking about how rude I was when I didn’t greet her.

“Hehe, yeap” I replied uneasily, forcing out a laugh. At least my teacher loves me.

When I got my grades, I was in content. My grades isn’t so bad. Answered prayer it is! But *sigh* I should’ve greeted the lady first, then she wouldn’t be hating on me like this. And another thing, I’m not so good with… is formalities. One time I answered the phone with a ‘Heylooo’ only to be replied with the voice of a serious business woman. I am such a disgrace to the serious world, seriously! The Principal kept asking random questions (which I don’t remember) and I answer with a ‘Yup!’ then remembering that she is the head- or somewhat the head- of the school and has to be answered with high respects so I try to cover up and say ‘Yes ma’am’ or ‘Yes Miss’.

And just when I thought the embarrassment was over… Hooo! It isn’t! Mom had to come check on me and you know mom. I was kind of relieved, but mostly nervous. She’s the carefree and happy-go-lucky type. Though I made a fault, that doesn’t mean that the principal has to hate on the whole family. As I was saying, mom entered without a greeting and grinned welcomely asking if I have retrieved the report card. The lady looked at my mom with an eyebrow raised and forced a smile, maybe thinking of how we (me and my mom) are so alike.

“Good morning” she greeted in a stiff and obviously annoyed voice, but my mom was oblivious to that and just smiled genuinely saying ‘Good morning’ back.

I tried to give mom a warning stare but she didn’t understand what it meant. I really really wanted to leave. And when our conversation finally ended a man knocked at the door and guess what? The woman SMILED AT HIM! I couldn’t help but silently observe her actions and grow suspicious. To men, she is nice, but to- Nah. Maybe he is a friend or something. But he definitely didn’t greet her or anything. Sigh, I really do need to learn how to love. Because honestly? Loving someone, is harder than I thought.

I just wish that the woman could smile genuinely at strangers who lack respect and treat them nicely even though they are rude. Maybe she is just trying to keep professional? I hope she is, cause I really wouldn’t want to see her glaring at me if we spot each other at the mall.


One thing I know is that if Jesus was here, He would smile lovingly at her and do the opposite of what I would (want) to do. Though I am kind of annoyed just by writing this, but I couldn’t help but think of how amazing God’s love is for us. To love… her especially. I guess, I shouldn’t be hating on the lady. She might be nice for all I know. All I need is patience, control, lots (and I mean LOTS) of love, and the help of the Lord to gain her friendship and genuine love.

PS. I want you guys to pray for me, so I could be able to love more and have a closer relationship with the Lord and also pray for the lady (principal) so that she would learn to forgive me and love others.

Matthew 5:44

 But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,