Shopping Hero!

Credits to: Google

Credits to: Google

Me and my dad went to shop for a new phone cover for moi, and apparently, this phone cover we were shopping for costs 35 aed (and a screen for my phone, additional 10, yeees I am spoiled), so all in all it costs 45. Too expensive for just a phone cover and a screen, so me and dad decided to get a discount… Me being, well, like my dad, I don’t go shopping much and I am a little shy, BUT we were able to lower it down to 40 instead of 45 aed.

Anyways, mom came and also decided to buy a phone cover AND guess what? The phone cover costs 45 aed and she lowered it down to 35 ._.” too bad she wasn’t happy with it’s quality… You see, my mom has this hawk-eyes, she could find any flaws of the things she (was supposed to) get in an instant. In short, the gurl is giiiiiifted!

But, don’t underestimate my dad… God gave him hawk-eyes as well, dad knows when he spots something beautiful… that’s how he got mom ;D


I’m almost done!

Credits: Google Image

Credits: Google Image

I was washing the dishes, when I saw my mom eating her ‘break fast’ pretty quickly.

“Maybe if I was fast enough, she won’t be able to put her plate on my sink.” I thought.

So I scrubbed faster than superman can go and washed away all the soap. I looked at my mom’s side to see her eating the last piece of Banana cue (breakfast).

Lucky for me, I was done with the dishes and quickly wiped all the soap from the sink.

My mom was about to put her plate on the sink, but I ran to my room before she could.

My mom laughed and said “I see what you did there!”

It’s these small things that me and my family have that make me feel contented and happy, and I thank the Lord for giving me a family, that is not only happy and cheerful, but is also faithful to the Lord our God.

Facebook Status:

Me: *Washing the dishes and see’s mom almost finished eating.
Mom: *Eating fast… nom nom nom
Me: *Washes faster hoping mom doesn’t put her plate on my sink.
Mom: *Finished eating
Me: *Finished washing and runs off to room
Mom: *Laughs* I see what you did there, Dannelle >.<


1 John 4:19

We love because he first loved us.

Daddy’s Tomgutz Soup

Now you may be wondering why my dad’s dish is named “Tomgutz soup”. Well according to my mom and dad, ‘Tomgutz’ is the reverse word for ‘Gutom’ (tagalog) which means Hungry in english. This dish was Japanese inspired since my dad just came from Japan. And it was SO yummy, that I was inspired to share this dish… to you…

Tomgutz soup

Tomgutz soup


Spaghetti noodles

Red salted eggs

Squid Balls

Leftover Maling


Mushroom soup

SInigang Mix Sampalok

and Chilli (which is optional)

This is EXACTLY how my dad made it. And Voila! Your Tomgutz soup! πŸ˜€

1 Corinthians 10:31

So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

– Mary Pacis

Be there.

Lil' Sis and Mom

Lil’ Sis and Mom

Jan 9 2013

Listen to the beat of her heart.

Ever bear to hear it fade?

Remember her smile, her laugh…

Remember how tired she was,

but still manages to keep wake…

When she is old and weak,

Will you be there?

When hope is gone…

Will you be there… will you?

Hear her soft melodious voice…

Ever bear to hear it fade?

Then be there.

– Mary Pacis

Got new books… AGAIN!


Hehe… You guys know me… the sucker for books πŸ˜‰ These two are the best books ever! Dork Diaries? Confessions of a Shopaholic? the only resemblance is that these books are VERY humorous! and… girly… but they are two of my most WANTED books besides “I’ve got your number” and “Can you keep a secret?” which I continue to hunt for! I am one happy girl!

New shoes! <3


Okay, as most of you guys know… I am not the type of girl who shops, for shoes especially, but when something catches my eye, no matter how expensive, I WILL buy it πŸ˜‰

But my mom is the one who shops for me, either she shops herself, or she forces me to go with her… She is VERY good at shopping! Expert! If that is possible. But there are some clothes she buys that I would be caught DEAD wearing!



THAT is too fit and it barely fits me anymore anyway, and worst… it shows my armpit! *Dramatically sobs* that bad…

PS. Thank you Mom! My mom is soooo good at shopping!

She just takes what looks good on the mannequin…

I just found the BEST COUPLE <3


I can’t believe I haven’t seen it in this point of view, but they are absolutely theΒ best couple evah!

My parents…

Before you ask, they are the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of each other, and I don’t mind listing them…


She is strong, doesn’t back down.

She fights for her and her family.

She is an extrovert.

She laughs a lot, especially at my dads lame jokes.

She finds my dads “toys” very annoying (and by toys, I mean technology)

When she sets her mind on something, she won’t give up.

She is quite moody at times (Who aren’t?)

She loves shopping (*Scoff* Don’t most girls?)

She’s my mom


He is calm and patient.

He is shy and quiet.

He is an extrovert.

He makes his family laugh at times when we’re supposed to be serious.

He has TONS of lame jokes in mind. (One’s which would make me, my mom, and lil’ sis laugh like there is no tomorrow)

He is a HUGE “Computer Freak”

Focuses on one thing.

He loves robots, electronics, technology, anything related to those.

He likes to show off. (Sorry dad, but you do)

He’s my dad

And because of their OPPOSITE-ness they “Complete” each other *Sighs dreamily*

Me and my dad are REALLY close, we understand a lot about each other, that’s because I inherited MOST of my personality from him, but I did get some of moms personality as well, but most are from dad πŸ˜€

Anyways… they met because my dad will never give up when it comes to something he loves πŸ˜‰ and guess what! My mom found him… weird! (Bahahahaha) I won’t put much information ’cause THIS IS THEIR LIFE for pete’s sake! ……… I’m just there to interfere it……

I LUV THEM TO PIECES… even you lil’ sis… *Sigh* they are absolutely the BEST couple I have seen so far… don’t you guys agree?

God works in such Mysterious ways…