I Bought Baby Gray a Harness!

Last night, I bought baby Gray a small black (white spotted) harness so I would be able to walk around, ‘safely’ in the garden since we haven’t been able to bunny proof it yet. And let me tell you, this baby rabbit is SUPER patient. If I had done this to Maggie she would’ve scratched my eyes off. Surprisingly! He hasn’t bitten me yet (which I was expecting) especially from trying to carry him and put this and that. Yes, it was quite stressful (and he disliked the harness, but happily tolerated it, so that means I didn’t waste money)

It is NOT this, but it looks like it.

It is NOT this, but it looks like it.

Apparently, the harness was too big! Especially around the neck area, so I had to adjust it THREE times (which is a nightmare since I have to put it back on Gray). But after an hour or two, I finally got the right size. So I put it [harness] on the bunny (who was being very obedient) and clipped an ID [stuff that you put around your neck- forgot what it’s called], attached to a pink, long, and silky fabric as a temporary lead. I know, cheap, but who wants something expensive?

I was finally able to walk him around the house and he was a pretty quick hopper, so I had to run with him. The good thing is, I’m actually working out! But then, momma woke up from her beauty sleep and told me to walk Gray outside (she didn’t want him pooping around the house). So I took him outside, but it was quite warm and humid (to the point where I started sweating like a pig). At first, Grayham was a bit scared to go- but after awhile, he finally went. I don’t think he had much fun as he did indoors for it was really really hot- I mean, who would? Unless they like sweating.

I got a bit worried because rabbits could die from heatstroke (that’s how Maggie died), so after 10 minutes of running around the garden I carried him back to his cage (he didn’t want to- but I don’t think he knows when to stop). And guess what? When I put him in his cage, he immediately did a little flop,like being in his cage was the best thing ever. Haha cute lil’ Gray.



Though it was cute seeing him lie down like that, I had to remove the uncomfortable harness that lay around his body. And when I placed him back on his cage and petted him, he did another flop (showing his stomach). ADORABLE!

It’s good to know that Gray doesn’t hold any grudges. Such a patient and lovely rabbit. God bless ya’ll and I hope you guys have a great day!


Greasy hair and Oily face- Surprised at Birthday!!

I just finished my birthday yesterday and let me say was it FUN! Honestly though, the first 5 minutes before my birthday started, I felt alone, like nobody was gonna be there for me on my birthday… Only thing I didn’t know was that God had a plan, and boy was it a good one 😀

Happy Birthday to Me! <3

Happy Birthday to Me! ❤

July 22, was a really magical day. It was the date of my birth, the day filled with laughter, the day of my Aunt and Uncle’s wedding anniversary, and the day of my Grandmother’s 86th birthday and guess what? she still wore the exact same shirt she wore at our birthday party last year…

I had LOTS of surprises! A baby American Chinchilla rabbit (I named Grayham) that mom and dad bought me… I’ve always wanted another rabbit, especially after Maggie died… she was the best friend I have ever had. Anyway, when dad and mom bought Grayham, I was kind of worried, (cause they might’ve brought a sick rabbit or a baby who hasn’t been weaned) but he was alright, I guess. He’s the size of my palms, which means he might be 3-4 weeks old (which is still quite young). His poop is not normal looking, they’re brown in color and oval in shape (no, they are not cecals- but something I think might be worst), I am guessing Grayham has “cow-poop syndrome” and I am very worried about that. But before I bring him to the vet, I’ll see what I could do at the meantime. But he is just SOO ADORABLE! Very soft and quite tame, he’s still a bit skittish around humans though. He might have cow poop syndrome, but I am definitely NOT gonna bring him back to the petshop, it’s HORRIBLE in there. (If you wanna know more about Grayham, I’m gonna post a page about him… or her) Anyway, I’m out of topic again… what were we talking about? Oh yeah!

I had LOTS of surprises! The baby rabbit- which I already mentioned AND… *clears throat*

The door bell rang and I expected it to be my mom’s friends coming in to celebrate, who knows? I was actually at the verge of being surprised by my buddies! I suddenly regretted not putting on some shampoo…

We had tons of fun!

We went swimming… and we went swimming! It was AWESOME xD Bwahahaha I’m getting crazy right now! *breathe in… breathe out* As I was saying *clears throat* We had TONS OF FUN! God really has a way of making a person happy. Oh! and if you’re wondering how old I am… I’m now 14!

And now, if you’ll excuse me, Imma go play with Grayham. God bless!

Psalm 90: 14

Surprise us with love at daybreak; then we’ll skip and dance all the day long.

I’m Back!!

YAY! I’m officially back! Hugging my lovely computer… Ah the freedom… ❤

Credits to: Google

Credits to: Google


Now that school is over, I could finally do, well, nothing. Naw just kidding, I guess I’d be back to blogging and writing and animals! yay. NOT! Today has been quite… boring. No friends to hang out with 😦 Saaaad. The adversities of locking yourself in a room with your computer. Nooo kidding!

God has been working His ways though, making life interesting. Add a little this and that. Spice things up a bit. One thing I know for sure is that my parents will LITERALLY put a big chain on this laptop with a note saying “NO COMPUTER FOR U!!”

I hope not…

The real thing I really really really want to do, is to spend more time with Jesus. I would really like that- wait scratch that- I would really love that. Hopping down to the coffee shop, wearing a nice long dress, sophisticatedly eating red velvet cupcakes whilst sipping a nice cup of frappuccino. Then Jesus would be sitting right next to me, talking about His awesome surprise that He wouldn’t tell me- cause it is a surprise- Shhhh! Then people who pass by will look at me like I’m crazy and I’ll go tell them “I’m crazy for Christ!”

Lovely… just imagine that!

OH! and I updated the 7th Chapter of my christian novel entitled “Finding Life and Second Chances”  (<<Click that!) published on Wattpad. I’m still working on the cover, my grammar, and my descriptive writing (not very good at describing my imagination, cause I’m just that good!). Haha, to tell you guys honestly, I’m not exactly in the mood to blog. I want to blog, but I’m just not in the mood, and I don’t know why… hmm.. maybe, I should be doing something better? But no, that doesn’t mean I will stop blogging, but I guess, I should be doing something else besides locking myself in the room and or toilet, talking to myself, and being the anti-social person I am now. I feel like I want to have a sleepover with my friends, go to the mall (which does NOT mean shopping), eat in taco bells, and go to a petting zoo, petting all those cute little animals! Awww! Squish them! SQUISH THEM!

Before I go completely destructive and bite all the human beings in the world, I would like to thank Jesus, for lots of specific and non-specific reasons. He rocks, big time! He is the best author you could EVER think of, romantic, mysterious, comedic, EVERYTHING ❤ which is why, I am being awesome. Haha no, but I just felt like saying it, it feels SO good to be in love with Jesus, you know? and it most definitely feel good to hear that I, Mary Pacis, am a child of the king of all kings! Don’t you feel good too? to be called the child of God? Embrace it!

Now I forgot the reason why I wrote this… wait- Oh yeah! Just checked the title again, hehe. IM BACK!!!!! BWahahahaHahaha! Love you all!


UPDATE (Nov. 28 2012)

All my fishes (except the snails) have gone to my uncles aquarium! 

My Apple snail died unfortunately, BUT my zebra snail, is currently the most long lived pet I have had in my life 😀 Its been 1 year since I have gotten him/her, but now, he is not alone…

My parents bought me….


but I didn’t know, if I did, I wouldnt have bought it because, one, IT GETS BIG (sixteen inches) and is quite AGGRESSIVE , but my parents bought FOUR because my mom thinks that they need to be in groups (WRONG), they are territorial fishes, but seems to be okay with a few other fishes (if fed well). So I may have to remind my parents, They could give me a gift, but not one that breathes… BUT THANKS ANYWAYS!


RIght now, they are currently living in a 10 gallon tank, I know its harsh and you guys don’t have to spit that on my face, but of course, we will give them away…


Usually, if my parents buys me a living thing, it would either be sick, or the wrong thing to buy, and which I would shout at them for. But now, I am a big girl, and part of me has to control that anger, I mean, I am quite happy that my parents would buy me an oscar for I have been wanting one, but they are high maintenance pets, they need a heater, a 40 or 55 gallon tank, filterS (they create a lot of mess!) clean water, and they eat LIVE FOOD (but not necessarily)…

I have heard that some of them enjoy being petted, which is quite a bonus (but be careful for those who are curious to find out, they have a hard bite!)

So all in all they are AWESOME pets, but they need some extra work taken care of….

So THINK TWICE! unless your really in love with these animals…

How to find your BEST FRIEND?

Best friends (I do not own.)

I’m writing this based on my experience and observations.

So basics first! ❤


Are friends who understand you. (I know how you feel)

Who treats you like a sister and NOT a mom.

Who completes you. (The cream to your Oreo. The chocolate to your milk.)

Who talks and won’t get all awkward. (Random)

Who knows your mood.

Who knows when to stop.

Who thinks about others before herself.

There for you.

Who looks at your achievements and NOT your flaws.

Believes in GOD.


Friends who understands you.

There for you.

Who you can talk to, but things may get awkward.


The thing is, best friends are hard to find. And certainly, I haven’t found my best friend yet. Though there are some that I consider my best friend.

I have always dreamt of finding a best friend who will understand me, and we will do things together and go to each others house and all that… The one I could talk to on the phone without having my laptop distract me…

My Best Friend was my rabbit Maggie, but she died. My other best friend Dyla, is like a Frenemy to me, we fight A LOT! but we still consider ourselves BEST FRIENDS. She’s in the Philippines now, I wonder if were still best friends though.

But, I know one, who has been there for me even before I was born. and He is Jesus…
Remember that, even though your ‘alone’ at home, remember that Jesus is there for you…


Tribute to Maggie (Maggie Month)

Guess which month is it? Yes, it is November… Both my sisters birthday and the date when Maggie died.

My baby Maggie

I dunno if you guys remember Maggie, but she is one of my best friends…

Name: Maggie

Age: Unknown, baby, 3 months old (guess)

Bought: Creature Oasis, Satwa

got: June,15 2011              died: Nov,22 2011 (heat stroke or fly strike)

Loves: Playing tag,hide n seek, massage

Hates: Scary people

Breed: Vienna gene, mixed breed

Appereance: Blue and brown eyes (odd eyed), white w/ brown spots, head shaped like a horse, thick fur under feet.

She loves eating carrots and grass.

Nov 24 2011

Maggie’s story:

When I went to the pet shop, I saw these bunnies and thought how cute they were, but when I went there all of the bunnies ran except for one that took my heart…. Maggie… She came to me with love, and I really begged my parents to get her for me, and they did! When I brought her home, I can’t stop playing with her and petting her and after a few weeks, I just noticed that she had diarrhea and her butt was stuck with poop, so I cleaned it up and gave her a home made remedy/ medicine for diarrhea, then she was healed (she had diarrhea many times, but it is easy to remove), anyways, we kept playing and stuff, and then I noticed she was getting bigger and bigger and was thinking of buying her a bigger cage, and it worked out well and we gave her more space to play in our balcony! And me and Maggie lived so peacefully and happily, until the time came… my sister didn’t stop coughing and sneezing, so mom and dad brought her to the hospital and it turned out that my sister was allergic to Maggie’s fur, and I cried soo hard cause I knew it meant that I had to sell Maggie, but I refused as always (cause I really really do truly love Maggie), so mom and dad decided to keep maggie outside in our balcony, (BAD IDEA), so the next day, when I came home from school, I checked the balcony and, Maggie was all well and it was cold outside so I was sure Maggie was gonna be alright (but I was wrong and I hate being WRONG, since were living in Dubai, it will mostly be hot), then when I came home from school, I was eating and talking about Maggie and about selling her, then my Aunt looked at the balcony and saw Maggie, lying there, dead, so my Aunt told me, and of course I didn’t believe, so I walked to the balcony for proof, then I just cried there and told my Aunt, that she is right, and that was the last time I saw my best friend :( .

But there was a reason, for GOD knows that I will not sell and refuse to sell her, and my sister was suffering because of Maggie, so GOD just took Maggie instead of my sister which I am really thankful for, so rest in peace my beloved Maggie :(


And now! HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY LIL’ SIS!! (2 more days to go)

I lurv you soooo much!! I pray that you have a very extra abnormal birthday sis! 😀

God Bless you!! ❤

My Lil’ sis (HGYP)

Not working out…

I just realized that I dont work out with birds that much (my opinion…)

Birds are noisy, hard to tame… I know, birds are intelligent, fun to be with, and all. But they just don’t stir anything in me…

When I first got ark, I wasn’t that excited and all, but I didn’t believe in love at first sight 😀

The first reason why birds and me don’t match (In my observation), Is that I tend to be impatient, so the taming didn’t work out well…

second, I don’t tolerate noise much, I am a reader, singer, and writer (i think), and I can’t focus on those when noise pollution reach my ears.

But I am not saying that I don’t like birds or saying that you should not get a bird, I am simply stating that I don’t have enough responsibility to own a bird and that you should think twice or commit to these lovely animals, I love animals so much, but I also have to know my limits…

The Animals I get a long with are the cuddly, lazy, intelligent types of animals… Example:


Persian cats

Mice (Not cuddly, but i just get a long with them in some weird way)




And all Lazy, Fun. Cute, Intelligent, animals 🙂

Rabbits are my MEGA-Ultra favorite animals! But after Maggie, I couldn’t bare the fact that I could outlive all my pets… its sad. I couldn’t get a tortoise though cause I want an affectionate animal too… I know not all animals are perfect, let me tell you that… But thats what makes them perfect to me… Maggie’s territorial behavior just adds to her personality, and I liked it… But now she’s gone, and It hurts…

I wanted a bird, cause their like dogs and cats, their intelligent, loving, affectionate, and long living, but the thing I did wrong was ignore the consequences or draw backs they carry… Now I am stuck with a scared, noisy, bird… But I still love him… Even if my ears bleed from all the screeching… I’m kind of afraid to tell my parents about me not getting a long with ark because they might get irritated with my pet crazed life 😀 But I have to tell them some way or another.

 could outlive your pets is scary, but you always have to move on… getting another rabbit or mouse… Couldn’t live without them… But I couldn’t stop worrying about their lifespan 😦 *Sigh….

GOD Bless anyways…. Have to prepare for the Church Anniversary today!