College & Updates on Life!

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Hey! I know its been a long time I haven’t posted anything and I deeply apologize. Life has been quite busy and quick and, in other words, dramatic and crazy. But God has definitely been good in my life. And by the way, I’m in college now! I enrolled at CEU, Manila taking Pre-Dentistry as my pre-med to become a proper dental student. So yeah, there are lots of ongoing changes in my life right now and surprisingly… I’ve been doing well, which makes me even more confident of the Bible verse, Philippines 4:13 “I can do all things THROUGH CHRIST who strengthens me.” and He very well did!

At the age of 15, being pampered and very, let me stress it again with bold and italic letters, very dependent on my parents, going back to my hometown to study and (hopefully) survive without their presence is very daunting to imagine. I mean, they’re only going to stay here for 1 month to guide me through, but then for the rest of the years (6 or more), I’ll be on my own. Then again, I’m not really on my own because, believe it or not, God had EVERYTHING planned out. From the flight home to my schooling and studies- everything was so perfect, even if we haven’t seen it laid out in front of our eyes, everything just comes to place right in the very moment. God provided for everything! Believe me.

Okay, so I haven’t told you this story (because I apparently haven’t updated you guys about anything- sorry about that), but I also enrolled to study in UST to take Nursing, which was a blurry choice of course for me to take- well so is dentistry- ANYWAY (going out of topic), I passed the exam ~ with flying colors! Haha kidding aside, I passed the exam but failed the interview. Which by the way, was held at Skype at Feb 14, 6am which was on Valentines day- isn’t that cool for my very first interview? I wasn’t so sad about not passing, and I trusted God that He had a better plan- but at that time, that was the ONLY school I enrolled in and basically, it would be considered late to enroll into any other school for that matter.

Long story short, I am now officially an Escolarian (what they call their students here at Centro Escolar University) and I am proud to be one! I stay in a dormitory with my 3 roommates, one of which includes my best friend, Shayne (who’s been my bud for 3 years). I can say that the dorm and the school is very secure and well managed. #blessed! And believe it or not but, college is fun and exciting… I’ve made new friends, this and that. AND I didn’t experience any cultural shock or any BIG changes, though externally there are quite many big changes in my life- but no doubt, my God has kept me stable. There are times when I feel out of place (or what we call, OP here in the Philippines), because most of the students are older than me and have already experienced drinking, smoking, and partying. But I’m totally fine with that- with all the things that the Lord has provided for me, I’m pretty sure that He will provide true friends as well 🙂 Another thing I’d like to address, is my need for familiarity. Though I didn’t experience any culture shock, the need for something or someone familiar constantly– how do you say this– it feels ouch and sad. Yeah, that’s how It feels. I just miss my friends, all my church-mates, my sibs, classmates, etc. I just miss them all. I miss Grayham as well (my rabbit), and the smell of the beach and the fresh air. No offense Philippines, but the air, if you haven’t noticed, smells polluted. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the Philippines, especially the people- and I do somehow prefer it over Dubai (don’t be too shocked), but it isn’t exactly the cleanest and safest country out there. And many would agree. To put it out more kindly, its a progressing country.

I haven’t found a church near the dorm yet, but I do attend a Christian church in Pacita which is probably an hour and a half away from the school. I don’t mind, as long as I get to attend the service. You have NO idea how important it is to have friends who will help you and guide you spiritually in your life. The fellowships we have at church is like no other get-togethers. They’re the ones who will encourage you and strengthen you in your journey. With this in mind, I started searching for small community churches near Mendiola while I was still abroad. I’m left with none at the moment. But then again, the Lord will provide.

My relationship with God is improving. I get to spend time with Him more than I did back in Dubai and I’m reminded of Him more as well. I feel very grateful and thankful for what He has done in my life this year. Most especially when I go to church on Sundays… I get overwhelmed and start to get teary eyed because- just because haha. I must admit, though I do take the time to read His word and pray every night, I never really savored it. Get me? I’m always either too tired or too stressed to actually just be in the moment with God. I’m always in a hurry reading the Bible, to finish one chapter just to ease myself from the conviction I get, “SPEND MORE TIME WITH GOD.”  No doubt, I need Him. College is a whole new level. More tests and quizzes. You’ve got the “tests of Faith” and the “Who Am I?” quiz. See what I did there? Haha! 😀 funny… funny…

There’s more where that came from and I’d love to tell you guys every single detail. Man, there’s a lot. But I’ve got to study for my quiz on Botany tomorrow. Hohoho God bless you, mah luvs! ^^


Merry Christmas Guys! <3 In Advanced… AGAIN


Filipinos like to celebrate Christmas VERY early, I find it quite amusing. They start putting decorations at either September or November which is 3 to 2 months BEFORE Christmas!

But just a reminder, we are not celebrating the date but the history that there is a savior.

In the bible, there is nothing written about Christmas, and there is nothing said that we should celebrate, then why are we celebrating?

Good question, well the answer is YES, it is not mentioned in the bible, but it is also NOT mentioned that it is not allowed to celebrate Christmas, so, I don’t find anything wrong with Giving thanks to the Lord.

Celebrating Christmas:

  • Celebrate Christmas with our hearts rejoicing to the coming Messiah.
  • Honor God.
  • Celebrate Christmas with God’s message.
  • Christmas is a time to remember that Jesus came to earth to save us from our sins.


Credits to:

Adonai Christian Church


Pastor Jabez

2 day stay in HK o_O

This was supposed to be posted last month, but you know me ;D

Tuesday, August 7, 2012 at 4:09am 2 day stay in HK We went to the airport and I was playing with the TV as a mirror and acting, making faces and there was one man who was looking at me through the TV and laughed, talk about embarassing o_O

 This was in the Philippines, when we were leaving to HK 🙂 (Instagram)

When we reached hong kong, we rode a taxi to reach the hotel and the steering wheel of the taxi was on the right side which is uncommon for us and it felt wierd but the taxi is very good looking B-)

my dad even got confused :D. And did I mention that HK has mostly small and cute things. When we reached the hotel, it was… sort of small… actually, very small =)

And in the next day, we went to Disney Land.

It was so much fun! My favorite ride was the boat and the grizzly gulch mountain thing and the funny part was the last show we watched, Stitch 😀 he was like a talking robot, an AI =) My dad was called and Stitch said “Hi Baron (his pronounciation), you look very familiar, you were the one I met in jail, I was number 626 and you were 358!” then my dads picture was shown in an ID version. We were laughing like heck! 😀 and stitch talked to this other lady named Francini and he asked “Francini do you have a boyfriend?” and she replied “no I have a husband” and stitch said “You have a husband. good good, so you have no boyfriend. I can be your boyfriend” we all laughed. It was fun there in Disney Land, the only downside was the very long queue and the very hot weather, oh yes.

That was us in the train 😀

 (The photo I changed using instagram 😀 )

My feet was aching soo much. i it was worth waiting for though. There were lots of rides that we still havent ridden but it was okay. =) And the firework at the end before leaving disney land was wonderful B-)

Leaving Hong Kong

 My new headsets my parents bought me 🙂 Thank you!!

Before we left Hong Kong we bought some stuffs and we ended up losing lots of money 😀 My parents even bought me an expensive headset which they got for a cheaper price 🙂

Then we all rode a taxi back to the airport to go home.

I thank God for bringing us home safely 🙂 and for giving us a fun trip! I lost some weight from eating small chickellina (Chicken + Thumbellina) get it? get it? I know Im not the best joker but if you saw the size of that thing you could’ve  died laughing 😀

Victory Church (Philippines)

I just came from Victory church in the Philippines and from Mc Donalds 🙂

When I went inside this church, I started shedding to tears even though I wanted to keep it inside cause this is a public church and I was new…

But as I saw that many people giving their praises to Jesus, I just couldn’t keep a single tear inside.

And after the church, we all went to Mc Donalds to put a little stuffing 🙂

We all had lots of fun >.<

God Bless!!!

Another thing I like doing :)

INSTAGRAM 😀 I love taking photo’s especially with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc (with 8 megapixel camera) ooooh the sweetness 😀 The dog is Ruby the Rottweiler 🙂

These photo’s are all mine, permission must be asked if gonna be copied.All in the Philippines.

Here are some photo’s I shot:

My favorite picture I have taken will be posted in another post 🙂 due to technical difficulties (Always wanted to say that) 😀

How Blessed I am :3

So I had my birthday done =) and my family (relatives and others), decided to make a birthday party for Me, Nanay Kilay and the other birthday relatives, and as you guys know in my past post that I don’t like parties and I prefer watching TV with the family and eating popcorn stuff like that, but they thought of the party so I couldn’t stop that idea anymore…

We swam and had some fun and at the time we had to blow the candle everybody sang Happy Birthday (as usual), I looked around me while holding my Lola’s hand, everybody singing and clapping, all happy and having fun, I felt the warmth in me, even though this is not what I wanted, I looked at everyone’s happy faces I almost cried, but I didn’t  want to be too obvious so I blinked the tears away 🙂  it’s like I saw them in slow motion like in the movies…  I thank God for giving me such a happy birthday and of course my family who prepared this party. Thank you.

 me and Tita Jhonna

 In the pool >.<


And here are some instagram pictures I have taken…

PS. All these are found in the Philippines.and I just turned 13 ;D God Bless


What is Philippines like?

First let me tell you that I was born from Philippines (1999), but I grew up in Dubai, and I have learnt that Philippines had a lot of positive and negative things which I hate and like 🙂

Things I like in the Phil.(May be positive or negative)
1) I LOVE the street foods
2) Lots of Animals
3) Smell of Gas
4) Kind People (depends)
5) Malls that allow you to bring pets
6) Small stores
7) Playing games far away from home
8) Jungles
9) Natural Resources
10) Noise 😀
11) Funny accent
12) Filipino’s are talented
13) There’s always a celebration
14) Instead of boring taxi’s they have jeeps and motorcycles (which is why there is this gasoline smell in the air)

Things I don’t like (It may be positive or negative)
1) Sometimes too noisy
2) Most of the animals are stray
3) The smell is bad for health (but smells good)
4) Food may be un-cooked
5) People steal (don’t leave your bag unattended)
6) People are (sometimes) mean
7) People don’t have much respect (lack of studies)
8) Most of the animals have rabies
9) Lots of taxes to pay
10) When you go to a mall and poop, you will notice that there is no *something to was your butt with
11) Lots of rapists and kidnappers (don’t walk alone)
12) Lots of pests and bugs (especially mosquitoes)

But, all in all, I MISS PHILIPPINES!
I Miss it when the Man yells “TAHO!” (Taho is my favorite street food), and when we go caroling every Christmas, and also when me and my friends/ cousins go and play far away from home… sigh, miss those days when I don’t have to use the internet to entertain me 😀 I LOVE PHILIPPINES! And I am Proud to be a Filipino!! We are so blessed that JESUS has made Philippines so unique and awesome 😛