The Embarrassment! >.<

Sooo, my aunt just called on the phone and asked for her son, so I did what I always do, shout the name then resume to what I was doing.

Credits to: Google

Credits to: Google

Thing is, I didn’t notice that her son never came up to the phone and I never really ended the call. And guess what I was doing? I was talking to myself. Well technically I was taking video of myself talking to the camera… when I was done doing what I was doing. I turned around, and spotted the telephone. Gah! I can’t- I can’t take it. So embarrassing. Could she have heard what I was saying?! Arrgh! That would be sooo embarrassing.

Anyways, I don’t know if she DID hear what I was saying or something… so what I don’t know won’t hurt right? WRONG! hehe, sorry, just felt like doing that… you know… eh never mind. Have you guys ever felt embarrassed about something?


Shopping Hero!

Credits to: Google

Credits to: Google

Me and my dad went to shop for a new phone cover for moi, and apparently, this phone cover we were shopping for costs 35 aed (and a screen for my phone, additional 10, yeees I am spoiled), so all in all it costs 45. Too expensive for just a phone cover and a screen, so me and dad decided to get a discount… Me being, well, like my dad, I don’t go shopping much and I am a little shy, BUT we were able to lower it down to 40 instead of 45 aed.

Anyways, mom came and also decided to buy a phone cover AND guess what? The phone cover costs 45 aed and she lowered it down to 35 ._.” too bad she wasn’t happy with it’s quality… You see, my mom has this hawk-eyes, she could find any flaws of the things she (was supposed to) get in an instant. In short, the gurl is giiiiiifted!

But, don’t underestimate my dad… God gave him hawk-eyes as well, dad knows when he spots something beautiful… that’s how he got mom ;D

Helping a Man in Need…

March 7


Our Heart Group went to a hospital and sat down to wait for the rest. While we were waiting, a tall, black, man came up to us and asked to borrow a phone to call his friend/ family. My heart started to race and my brain was flooded with thoughts… thoughts like “What if he runs with the phone?” etc. etc.

My dad being a faithful servant of God, lent his business phone to the man, the man’s tough looking face was covered by need and sorrow. I positioned myself so I would be able to run to the man and catch him if he does run, concocting an idea and predicting what would happen…

It was quite weird that I was really thinking of running to a big man twice my size, If I ran after this man, I could get hurt and would most likely fail in getting the phone… The man quickly took the phone and dialed a number, said a few things and gave the phone back to my dad, doing this, I found out that the Lord was testing our faith and courage and I was wrong to judge the man by his looks… Would you lend your phone?