Birthday Dismay- Mary Pacis

I do not own this photo

I do not own this photo

July 21, 2013 [12: 55 PM]

Today is my birthday, at least 5 minutes more.

I have my family with me, 1 gift sprawled on the floor.

Call me party pooper, but I can’t help but feel alone,

Though I have many friends, not one would greet me through the phone.

4 minutes left and I’m here typing my pain away,

Hoping tomorrow wouldn’t be a birthday dismay.

Just when I’m about to climb to bed and cry to sleep,

God has his way, and let me say, this birthday would be no dismay.


OMG 1 minute left! xD I’m pretty excited, and yes I did feel alone. But I’m actually happy and blessed! My family are here with me, my grandma is also celebrating her birthday (at the Philippines), and I’m 14! This poem was one that just randomly came up in a spur of moment. Hope you guys liked it! God bless ya’ll!

PS. I edited this poem (the last 3 lines)


What Animal am I? [Poems]

This is a little game I made, where you guys will guess what animal the short poem/rhyme is describing. Good luck! 😀

Credits to Google

Credits to Google

1) Her song is a dance, with a rythym and a beat.
She sways with the waves as the tiny fishes fleet.
Fluid is her movement, quite stunning they all say,
A Little lad even said that it could take your breath away.

2) I hide in the bushes, I dig on your backyard.
I turn into a ball when I am scared or is on guard.
I hiss when you come near, be careful I might bite!
I have quills that are sharp, beware, I’m not afraid to fight!

3) No this guy doesn’t squawk, nor does he even chirp.
He swims around with fins and his colors are superb.
He’s got this pretty hard beak, yeah he got a painful bite,
Don’t be deceived by his beauty, quite ironic alright.

I’m Back!!

YAY! I’m officially back! Hugging my lovely computer… Ah the freedom… ❤

Credits to: Google

Credits to: Google


Now that school is over, I could finally do, well, nothing. Naw just kidding, I guess I’d be back to blogging and writing and animals! yay. NOT! Today has been quite… boring. No friends to hang out with 😦 Saaaad. The adversities of locking yourself in a room with your computer. Nooo kidding!

God has been working His ways though, making life interesting. Add a little this and that. Spice things up a bit. One thing I know for sure is that my parents will LITERALLY put a big chain on this laptop with a note saying “NO COMPUTER FOR U!!”

I hope not…

The real thing I really really really want to do, is to spend more time with Jesus. I would really like that- wait scratch that- I would really love that. Hopping down to the coffee shop, wearing a nice long dress, sophisticatedly eating red velvet cupcakes whilst sipping a nice cup of frappuccino. Then Jesus would be sitting right next to me, talking about His awesome surprise that He wouldn’t tell me- cause it is a surprise- Shhhh! Then people who pass by will look at me like I’m crazy and I’ll go tell them “I’m crazy for Christ!”

Lovely… just imagine that!

OH! and I updated the 7th Chapter of my christian novel entitled “Finding Life and Second Chances”  (<<Click that!) published on Wattpad. I’m still working on the cover, my grammar, and my descriptive writing (not very good at describing my imagination, cause I’m just that good!). Haha, to tell you guys honestly, I’m not exactly in the mood to blog. I want to blog, but I’m just not in the mood, and I don’t know why… hmm.. maybe, I should be doing something better? But no, that doesn’t mean I will stop blogging, but I guess, I should be doing something else besides locking myself in the room and or toilet, talking to myself, and being the anti-social person I am now. I feel like I want to have a sleepover with my friends, go to the mall (which does NOT mean shopping), eat in taco bells, and go to a petting zoo, petting all those cute little animals! Awww! Squish them! SQUISH THEM!

Before I go completely destructive and bite all the human beings in the world, I would like to thank Jesus, for lots of specific and non-specific reasons. He rocks, big time! He is the best author you could EVER think of, romantic, mysterious, comedic, EVERYTHING ❤ which is why, I am being awesome. Haha no, but I just felt like saying it, it feels SO good to be in love with Jesus, you know? and it most definitely feel good to hear that I, Mary Pacis, am a child of the king of all kings! Don’t you feel good too? to be called the child of God? Embrace it!

Now I forgot the reason why I wrote this… wait- Oh yeah! Just checked the title again, hehe. IM BACK!!!!! BWahahahaHahaha! Love you all!

Story Of The Paper -Mary Pacis

Credits to Google and Alice.

Credits to Google and Alice.

I am being torn from my home,

And all thats within me.

Torn into pieces….


I was innocent and pure,

But now am written with words so vulgar,

Words of hatred.

I feel so alone…



My world is shaking.

WAIT- It is not.

I am being lifted!

By whom?

Who is this man?

All the pain,


All my sins,


I am brought anew!

Rejoice! Rejoice!

But my question remains,

Who is this man?

He takes a pen and writes.

I Am…

The Son of God and The Son of Man.

I Am,

The Great provider,

The Bread of Life.

I Am,

The Living water,

The Defender of the weak.

I Am,

The Light of the world,

and The Fishers of Men.

The Prince of Life, 

The Conqueror of death,

Restorer of Faith,

and The Uplifted Savior…


He wrote,

But being myself, I did not believe.

This man?


If He could make me fly, then I would believe.


What is He doing?

He’s throwing me?


Have mercy on me!

I have done no wrong!

Then He said unto me

“Do not be afraid, for I am with you.

Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God.

I will strengthen you and help you.

I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.”


I flew.

– Mary Pacis

Credits to: My Dear Friend Shayne.


This poem was created when my friend Shayne tore a pad paper.

Gossip -Mary Pacis


Be Careful.

One Move.

One step.

Think twice.

Its a lytic infection, it spreads.

In the herd you stay, wrong move, you’re dead!

Be Careful.

One move.

One step.

Think twice.

Nothing they say is real, and no one knows how I really feel.

The smile on my face, deceiving. But no one knows that I’m actually grieving.

Be Careful.

One move.

One step.

Think twice.

– Mary Pacis


I went outside my classroom to eat in peace without anyone bothering me.

Then this guy came up to me and asked a random question, probably just to get my attention, and then left. Lets just say Im not popular with the boys and one of my classmates saw me talking to ‘him’ and literally screamed it to the whole class… yeah…

So I made this poem and added a pirate-ish tune, like in the movie ‘les mislerables’… if thats how you spell it…

God bless you guys! and no gossiping!

Photo credits: Eddy Tan

Photo credits: Eddy Tan

March 12 2013

I am the monkey on the runway.

I swing in the vines of the hollow tree, swinging for life or death.
Running away from the hunters I see, running out of breath.

Drowning in my flood of thoughts and questions I have forsaken,
Remembering that one time when in my dreams, I’ve been awaken.

My mind has thought too much about the past that I grew lost,
In the center of the runway, I somehow felt star-crossed.

If I have been mistaken, a loud noise I could hear, a bright light blinding my eyes, so I scream in fear.

Pain shot throughout my body and I cry in pain,
“Oh dear Lord, Help me!” I say in vain.

The pain no longer evident, I felt warmth surge through my body, and then, I rest in peace…

– Mary Pacis

Credits to: Leanne Guerrero (for randomly writing the title “Monkey on the runway”)

Embarrassing moments :”}

Embarrassing moments :”}

I also have some embarrassing moments of my own so you guys are not alone… so first, my MOST embarrassing moments.

1) I’m sure God gave me a talent and I love it and use it to serve him, but I get really nervous and I know that must have meant I lost my trust, but it’s hard to rid it, so I joined this singing contest in my school TPS, and tell you what, I failed miserably, but what the heck, it was my first time… but to the whole school… sigh :)

2) You know my love for animals, so again in TPS, I saw these kids throwing rocks on this cute pigeon which I noticed was an orphan 😥 so I carried it and some kids said some very bad words to me but I didn’t mind, all I knew was I was trying to help the bird, then I did the most embarrassing thing (or at least to me), I asked EVERYONE to take care of the bird (of course most refused) but yeah… so I looked like a hobo begging for money :D

3) My most minor embarrassing moments was when the teacher calls me and I stand up and nothing comes out of my mouth cause I do not know the answer :P

PS. I left the school cause there were lots of bullies and I was so embarrassed :(

Note: I just re-blogged this from some of my old posts…