Like Cavemen – Mary

Credits to: Google

Credits to: Google

June 11 2013 [6:46 PM]

Do you want to live a life?

Or do you want to survive?

These are the questions that I can’t get through.

Should we eat all the same food?

Or should we try something new?

Maybe, something beautiful and crazy too.

But what will our purpose be?

If we act like a caveman,

Hiding under a tree.

How will we see the light?

If we try to hide ourselves from life.

Life may be dangerous, danger everywhere,

Take a peek through those holes,

And savor what you spare.

The King of kings is with us all,

Give our trust to Him,

He will lead us straight and tall,

And through the clouds we all swim.

Strike your hearts with fire,

Beating with a hymn,

Brighten the lights that tire,

And those that are dim.

We are not like those Cavemen,

Under cold and filthy caves,

We go spread the word to people,

Spread your wings and stay brave.

– Mary Pacis

PS. This is a song, not exactly a poem. But since I haven’t made the tune yet… its whatever you would like it to be. ;D Oh! and inspired by the movie “THE CROODS”


Shopping Hero!

Credits to: Google

Credits to: Google

Me and my dad went to shop for a new phone cover for moi, and apparently, this phone cover we were shopping for costs 35 aed (and a screen for my phone, additional 10, yeees I am spoiled), so all in all it costs 45. Too expensive for just a phone cover and a screen, so me and dad decided to get a discount… Me being, well, like my dad, I don’t go shopping much and I am a little shy, BUT we were able to lower it down to 40 instead of 45 aed.

Anyways, mom came and also decided to buy a phone cover AND guess what? The phone cover costs 45 aed and she lowered it down to 35 ._.” too bad she wasn’t happy with it’s quality… You see, my mom has this hawk-eyes, she could find any flaws of the things she (was supposed to) get in an instant. In short, the gurl is giiiiiifted!

But, don’t underestimate my dad… God gave him hawk-eyes as well, dad knows when he spots something beautiful… that’s how he got mom ;D