Childlike Faith || Do You Want to See Jesus?

April 7 2014

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One night I asked my little sister who lay with me in bed, “Gab, do you want to know my crush?” she turned to me with an innocent smile plastered on her face,

“Who?” she asked,

She scrunched her nose “But how can you marry Jesus?  How can you kiss Jesus? You can’t even see Him…”

At that moment, I started to cry. It was dark so she couldn’t see me. O how I longed to see the face of my Savior. How I longed to hug Him. I asked God, “When?”… after I had stopped crying, I decided to ask my sister again,

“Gab, do you want to know my crush?”

She started to repeat her rant “But how can you marry Jesus? How can you kiss Jesus? How can you hug Him?…”

“Do you want to see Jesus?” I asked my little sister, she smiled and nodded “Yes!”
I want to see Jesus, I want to hug Him and lie down on Him… I want to see Jesus when I go there in Heaven.”
“Someday, Gab, we will see Him. When its time. When its the right time.” I whispered to her,
“When is the right time?”
“Only Jesus knows..”

She closed her eyes and fell asleep. And I lay awake… what wonderful faith my sister has. ^_^ Be not childish, but be child-like in your faith towards our Father in Heaven…

So do not lose hope and faith, trust in the Lord. Live for Him until you see Him face to face, live to love Him, live to glorify Him… God bless!


Modesty is POWER! || Advice for girls

I read this really cool Christian book about Modesty and let me tell you- I’ve learnt A LOT! At first, I was like, Pssh! I know about modesty, just wear proper clothes and VOILA! You’re modest! But what I didn’t know was that modesty wasn’t all about the clothes you wear, but also about the way you act. Especially around men…

I do not own this picture

I do not own this picture

Of course, most of us girls like attention. We want to be the one’s who “turn heads”. Me and my dad were walking around the mall one day and spotted two russian ladies wearing very tight and very short dresses that showed off their curves and flawless legs. I looked down at my flubbery-looking calves and then stared at the two women feeling slightly jealous, and I hate to admit this but- I want to be the one turning heads. I looked at my dad through the corner of my eyes, hoping he wasn’t staring at them too. Instead, he was watching mom with an amused twinkle in his eyes as she checked out the two women herself. I chuckled mentally, so mom’s feeling the same way I feel~ Jealousy. But then I look at my dad, the way he stares at mom with love filled in his eyes. Why do we need to grab everyone’s attention, when we only need to grab one. The man God chose for you to be with. And trust me when I say, our Father knows best!

Proverbs 5:18-20

May your fountain be blessed,
and may you rejoice in the wife of your youth.

 A loving doe, a graceful deer—
may her breasts satisfy you always,
may you ever be intoxicated with her love.

So, if you want to learn more about modesty, love, lust, etc. I recommend you to read this wonderful book.

The Man who Left with Treasures.

Matthew 19:21

Jesus said to him, “If you would be perfect, go, sell what you possess and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow me.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I do not own this photo

I do not own this photo

Me and my dad spotted a black cat sitting on a dumpster. As we sat there watching the cat, a young looking man grabbed our attention. He held two, large plastic bags in his left hand and the other hand to collect things from inside the bin. I watched slightly interested at how he poked his head in the garbage bin, trying to search for something. I continued to observe this man with my dad, trying to know what he was looking for. It was then that we found out, when the man held out two small cans and shoved it in one of his plastic bag. It was also then when I found out that he was collecting those cans for money, and it was then when I figured out that, that was how he could earn them.

I suddenly felt pity for the man. I felt the urge to help him collect those cans, give him money, hug the man (no matter how unclean he is), and I even thought to myself ‘Even though the man might hate me, or might be rude- I don’t think it will ever banish the feeling that I am feeling right now’. I actually like this feeling- not ‘pity’ but the feeling that I am describing to you right now. The urge to help. Kindness. Love? Maybe. I like feeling this feeling. It makes me feel like I am… not heartless.

“Even if he fill those plastic bags with cans… do you think he’ll spare enough money?” dad asked, breaking the indescribable silence. I just shrugged to dad’s question, not knowing the exact answer. We stayed silent for a few minutes, still watching the man. “Do you think God will bless him or reward him for his perseverance?” dad continued suddenly. I shrugged again “I guess, It depends on his intentions…” I said slowly, thinking if my answer was right. “But God is a good God” I added and dad just nodded, saying “May the Lord guide him to the right path…”

After a few minutes, I was typing down what just happened on my phone so that I could share with you guys (like what I’m doing right now) while the man was still there, collecting cans. All of a sudden, dad opened the window of his car and called out to the man whilst handing out some money. I don’t know how much and after debating with myself, decided not to ask him. But either ways, I felt proud of my dad and I know God is too. The young man thanked my dad and left with two bag full of cans and dad’s gift.

“He left darling…” my dad said softly as he watched the man leave “with treasures.”

I faced my dad, my heart filled with awe and admiration. I then told to myself that I’m going to be just like my dad one day. I looked at the man once more. “He’ll get his own money from the hard work he gets, not by just asking”

We left the place and drove home, we spotted the same man, still collecting cans from a different bin. “He’s still there, he’s not stopping” dad observed. I smiled, he was a really hard working man. I start to wonder if he had a family of his own.

I felt so much ‘feelings’ for the man- and if I said this to my friends, they might joke about and tease me- but I’m serious here guys. I do not know what God wants for this man, but I hope and pray that he will see the Lord’s goodness and greatness and love for him, and that he may do the same…

Pfft! Loving a person is easy! … Think Again.

Credits to owner

Credits to owner

I nervously entered the principal’s office to retrieve my report card, too nervous to concoct an idea of what to say so I just immediately asked for – well, for the report card. I mean, isn’t that why we were here?

Apparently, I forgot to greet her and say ‘Good morning’. Everyone knows it is somewhat rude to not greet someone, so no excuse there. What irritated me, was that the lady -which is our principal at school, I kinda forgot her name… didn’t know her name at the first place and I know that is kind of low of me but I really didn’t know her name, plus, I was too afraid to ask her… she might get more mad- didn’t take it too well. She barely smiled at me and scolded me at how rude I was being. I literally forgot was she said because I was so freakin’ scared!

Anyway, I apologized and tried to smile as much as possible- to show her that I didn’t mean to be so rude (and my first impression wasn’t so good either, don’t ask.) I was about to tear up, I mean, I know it was my fault- but at least be a bit more… I don’t know, genuine?

When I see her, my body tenses and I seem to lose my christianity- that was the worst part- Lord have mercy on me! I try to look at her in a different perspective, I’m trying, but trust me when I say- it is as hard as eating dog poo. I always told myself how easy it was to look at a person through the eyes of God. Now? it isn’t so easy. So I told myself, what could get more worse than this?

When she got my report card, underneath it was a certificate for “Most Well Behaved”! I mentally groaned at such irony. Why now? then chuckled nervously at the lady in which she returned with a feign smile. Ouch.

Credits to owner

Credits to owner

“Most well behaved, huh?” she said, probably thinking about how rude I was when I didn’t greet her.

“Hehe, yeap” I replied uneasily, forcing out a laugh. At least my teacher loves me.

When I got my grades, I was in content. My grades isn’t so bad. Answered prayer it is! But *sigh* I should’ve greeted the lady first, then she wouldn’t be hating on me like this. And another thing, I’m not so good with… is formalities. One time I answered the phone with a ‘Heylooo’ only to be replied with the voice of a serious business woman. I am such a disgrace to the serious world, seriously! The Principal kept asking random questions (which I don’t remember) and I answer with a ‘Yup!’ then remembering that she is the head- or somewhat the head- of the school and has to be answered with high respects so I try to cover up and say ‘Yes ma’am’ or ‘Yes Miss’.

And just when I thought the embarrassment was over… Hooo! It isn’t! Mom had to come check on me and you know mom. I was kind of relieved, but mostly nervous. She’s the carefree and happy-go-lucky type. Though I made a fault, that doesn’t mean that the principal has to hate on the whole family. As I was saying, mom entered without a greeting and grinned welcomely asking if I have retrieved the report card. The lady looked at my mom with an eyebrow raised and forced a smile, maybe thinking of how we (me and my mom) are so alike.

“Good morning” she greeted in a stiff and obviously annoyed voice, but my mom was oblivious to that and just smiled genuinely saying ‘Good morning’ back.

I tried to give mom a warning stare but she didn’t understand what it meant. I really really wanted to leave. And when our conversation finally ended a man knocked at the door and guess what? The woman SMILED AT HIM! I couldn’t help but silently observe her actions and grow suspicious. To men, she is nice, but to- Nah. Maybe he is a friend or something. But he definitely didn’t greet her or anything. Sigh, I really do need to learn how to love. Because honestly? Loving someone, is harder than I thought.

I just wish that the woman could smile genuinely at strangers who lack respect and treat them nicely even though they are rude. Maybe she is just trying to keep professional? I hope she is, cause I really wouldn’t want to see her glaring at me if we spot each other at the mall.


One thing I know is that if Jesus was here, He would smile lovingly at her and do the opposite of what I would (want) to do. Though I am kind of annoyed just by writing this, but I couldn’t help but think of how amazing God’s love is for us. To love… her especially. I guess, I shouldn’t be hating on the lady. She might be nice for all I know. All I need is patience, control, lots (and I mean LOTS) of love, and the help of the Lord to gain her friendship and genuine love.

PS. I want you guys to pray for me, so I could be able to love more and have a closer relationship with the Lord and also pray for the lady (principal) so that she would learn to forgive me and love others.

Matthew 5:44

 But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,

Greasy hair and Oily face- Surprised at Birthday!!

I just finished my birthday yesterday and let me say was it FUN! Honestly though, the first 5 minutes before my birthday started, I felt alone, like nobody was gonna be there for me on my birthday… Only thing I didn’t know was that God had a plan, and boy was it a good one 😀

Happy Birthday to Me! <3

Happy Birthday to Me! ❤

July 22, was a really magical day. It was the date of my birth, the day filled with laughter, the day of my Aunt and Uncle’s wedding anniversary, and the day of my Grandmother’s 86th birthday and guess what? she still wore the exact same shirt she wore at our birthday party last year…

I had LOTS of surprises! A baby American Chinchilla rabbit (I named Grayham) that mom and dad bought me… I’ve always wanted another rabbit, especially after Maggie died… she was the best friend I have ever had. Anyway, when dad and mom bought Grayham, I was kind of worried, (cause they might’ve brought a sick rabbit or a baby who hasn’t been weaned) but he was alright, I guess. He’s the size of my palms, which means he might be 3-4 weeks old (which is still quite young). His poop is not normal looking, they’re brown in color and oval in shape (no, they are not cecals- but something I think might be worst), I am guessing Grayham has “cow-poop syndrome” and I am very worried about that. But before I bring him to the vet, I’ll see what I could do at the meantime. But he is just SOO ADORABLE! Very soft and quite tame, he’s still a bit skittish around humans though. He might have cow poop syndrome, but I am definitely NOT gonna bring him back to the petshop, it’s HORRIBLE in there. (If you wanna know more about Grayham, I’m gonna post a page about him… or her) Anyway, I’m out of topic again… what were we talking about? Oh yeah!

I had LOTS of surprises! The baby rabbit- which I already mentioned AND… *clears throat*

The door bell rang and I expected it to be my mom’s friends coming in to celebrate, who knows? I was actually at the verge of being surprised by my buddies! I suddenly regretted not putting on some shampoo…

We had tons of fun!

We went swimming… and we went swimming! It was AWESOME xD Bwahahaha I’m getting crazy right now! *breathe in… breathe out* As I was saying *clears throat* We had TONS OF FUN! God really has a way of making a person happy. Oh! and if you’re wondering how old I am… I’m now 14!

And now, if you’ll excuse me, Imma go play with Grayham. God bless!

Psalm 90: 14

Surprise us with love at daybreak; then we’ll skip and dance all the day long.

How Much Do You Love Me?

How Much Do You Love Me?. – Reblogged

My comment:

This is absolutely beautiful! I have watched “Guess How Much I Love You” and I really really love this! How lovely your relationship is with Christ and kids ❤ Keep your faith strong! Beautiful! Just Beautiful!
– Mary


All of our bedrooms were upstairs, my seven year old son’s bedroom, across from mine.

I heard my son slam a toy-bin with something lego-ish in it down on the floor, realizing his sister had “remodeled” his masterpiece while he was at school, and all I saw while folding clothes on my bed was a blurry fuzz-of-a boy charging for the stairs, yelling…


When I flew the stairs and rounded the corner to catch up with him because I knew Ryleigh was in the family room, all I saw was Dakota “rushing” her acting like he was going to hurt her, and Ryleigh flenching in fear to an instant hurling scream.

“Dakota, absolutely not,” I said while grabbing an arm and leading him to a seat on the couch. “No way.”

This wasn’t like Dakota’s demeanor at all. As in, at all. I knew this was a learned behavior and sadly I knew exactly where and from whom he had learned it.

Scooping apologies out of the two of them was tougher than scooping a forgotten gallon of rock-hard ice cream, but I was one determined chick.


“God gave you to me to love you… protect you and take care of you… and teach you about Him. Period.”


These words have remained as a foundational rock since they were tiny, and as pre-teens and teens, (did I just type that!?), they are reminded of these words to this day.

They are the words that I pray that they pass on to my grandchildren because timeless scripture stands up on them in a very daily way.

“When we are angry, we do not get to solve our problems physically, ever. As in, ever, because that is not love.”

“Well, she doesn’t love me,” he said, little white leather Nikes hanging over the edge of the brown leather couch, with his tan legs pouring out of his denim shorts.

“Dakota, you wait right here, I’ll be right back.”

This was one of those moments where I didn’t know if I had spoken too soon. I hadn’t seen the tub with his baby-book in it since our last hurried move, so I was counting on it being right where I needed it, when I needed it, or God just let me eat my words.

It was there, right on top.

Possibly the cutest Baby Book I have ever seen… no-no, I take that back; it is by far, titled, “Guess How Much I Love You?”


I will never forget that day, sitting right next to him sharing this book half on his small lap and half on mine.

This was a book all about My Dakota. It had all of the details about him that he was too young to have ever known or remembered, all detailed right there for him to see, cherish, and read. Every square inch of the pages was hand-calligraphied, overspilling the lines to write on.


He was fascinated.

My heart was swollen and full.


Dakota and Ryleigh are only 15 months apart. They were two peas-in-a-pod. They rode in a double stroller side-by-side with more smiles and compliments coming their way than their shy, humbled mama could take, as strangers almost always asked if they were twins when they were toddlers.

When Georgia came along she thought they were the most fascinating twosome she had ever seen. Those two crazies made life from the floor look like it was about ready to get right up and run.

She did.


That very evening Dakota came into my room and told me, “I never knew that you loved me that much.”

Precious… he said, “That’s a whole lotta love.”

The phrase is timeless and is one of my favorites still, ‘Yes, that’s a whole lotta love right there…”


Jesus says to us, “Do you know how much I love you?”

Do you know?

Do your children know?

Do you know that God loved you so stinkin’ very much that He flat gave His absolute only son up to die for you!?

His Bible is all about His love and sacrifice for you. It is all about you.

The living word. Coming alive in new ways, in new aspects, and experiences, and seasons than when you read it before. It lives, and moves, and loves, and “changes” right with you each time you read it.

P.S. The word never ever changes… neater yet, you do; it changes you.

Man, I never noticed that before. Or really, I had never read it quite that way. Or maybe, I have read that one hundreds times before but it didn’t speak to or apply to me until this very day.

His word is exciting because it is all about you and Him.

That whole book is also Jesus’ Baby-Book.

Written just for you.

‘I love you this much… and he spread His arms out wide on a cross to die.’

I love you.

My Story of Me. Prologue.



July 6 2013

Dear, Whoever-is-the-reader

This is a diary- but I don’t write ‘dear’ to my diaries- apparently, I am in a writer’s block and I wanted to write something where I WON’T have any ‘writer’s block’- if that is even possible- so here I am, a girl who decided to write a story of what is happening in her life- some may be enhanced and told in way… in MY way to be clear- but it will still be a story of ME. Me being my own character. I decided to make this one a little different and add some kind of twist to it (add some spice yah know?) but each chapter will be different and It depends… Depends on what, Rey?

Depends on something I do not know it depends on.

I’ve always wanted to start my diary with an ‘About Me’ but as you could see… I didn’t (because I am such a bad arse), so I am gonna write one now…


Name: Reyona Denise Charming

Age: 14 *scribbles the number 4* Nope, sorry I lied. I’m TURNING 14, so technically I am still 13.

Describe myself: 

I am… who I am. I am Reyona Denise Charming and I am in love… no, not with a boy, but with someone more powerful. I am in love with GOD. My Savior, my Hero, my Creator. I have a beautifully annoying young sister, Sarah. And two wonderful parents, my mom, Martha and my dad, Harris. 

Okay- this isn’t exactly describing myself, but what do I know about Diaries? OH GOSH! Sorry, I heard a noise… Okay, you may be wondering why I have to write every single detail of what is happening right now, well, it is because I want to, its part of the story telling process. Now, no more asking questions for you. Anyways, I am home alone right now, my parents went to a birthday party which I really didnt want to go to and I am freakin’ out! A single creak is enough to give me a heart attack!

I put on the song ‘He loves us’ by David Crowder to distract me from unharmful noises and is a reminder that Jesus is with me no matter what.

Moving on… I won’t always write like this, but I will turn this diary into a descriptive or feature story. I hope you will enjoy this book/ diary/ story or whatever it is to you and find some kind of ‘stuffs’ you could relate to. There is no ending to this story, because it is a story of my  life. See what I did there? I will NEVER have a writer’s block this time… or so I hope.

Oh! and before I end this, I would like you to know that these real-life-living people in my story has their names are changed… into something cooler. Haha!

Love, Reyona Charming xoxoxo 😉

PS. Just wanted to try that ‘xoxo’ thing. My friends do this all the time, but I don’t think I’d get used to it.

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