Evangelism || Anywhere, Anytime, Anyone [God’s Perfect Timing]

Before I share with you my very first successful and filled-with-passion evangelizing to a 7 year old, I would like to explain “Anywhere, Anything Time, Anyone”, it basically means ‘do not limit yourselves in sharing the word of God’ but then of course there is also ‘God’s perfect timing’ and God’s ‘perfect place’ so I just wanted to clear things up a little just so you wouldn’t get confused.

Now to my ‘very first successful and filled-with-passion’ evangelizing-

God loves the little children

 Setting: In the Bus (a ride home)

 Time: Curiosity of the Girl

 – Me
– a 7 year old girl named, Phm
– My sister, Gab

It all started with my pink bible that was given to me by my Pastor as a Christmas present, I brought it with me to school with the  sudden desire and hunger to read it everyday. I opened to Genesis 42 while in the bus ride home. My sister being a very nosy girl,  grabbed the book and read aloud. I grew irritated and made no efforts to hide it. Next to me was Phm, a young girl and a friend of Gab’s (my sister),

she asked suddenly “Is that a bible? It’s so thick! How could you read all that?”
I smiled at her, still irritated at my sister who continued to read aloud,
“I read it little by little” I replied to her,
“What’s story are you reading?” she asked,
“Joseph the Dreamer” I replied once again,
“Joseph the Dreamer?” she repeated with a confused tone in her voice. I smiled at her and carefully told her the story of Joseph- which she still doesn’t get but is very interested and intent in listening. She kept asking questions about God, Heaven, and about prayer. It was very refreshing for me to see an innocent girl her age get so excited and energetic about God.

“Do you know Jesus?” I asked her as it was the most important thing I needed to know. She replied, yes then asked me if Jesus and God are the same. I answered, yes. Then I told her more about Jesus and heaven, that He was the only way to go there. She asked me many things- it was crazy! I’ve never felt so tested, but by the grace of God, I answered every question with- a little thinking done- but with complete ease.  I told her how there were no tears andsadness in heaven, and she smiled the whole time. It was beautiful. I told her that there were many animals in heaven, and she grinned asking me if there were ponies in heaven and unicorns, then mermaids, and the like. I stared at her with laughter in my heart. Lord, how innocent this child is. She asked me where she could find Jesus if she and her family were in Heaven. She told me that she was shy, shy to talk to people. Then I told her that she shouldn’t be shy, especially not to Jesus. “Jesus loves you very much and He really wants to talk to you..”

She was flowing with lots of questions that I just told her “All the answers are in the Bible. That’s why its so big, because we have a lot of questions, and all the answers are in it. God’s words are in it”. She stared at me in awe, then asked “Who writes the bible? How could they write it?”, I told her that God spoke directly to His chosen people in the past and told them what to write. She smiled and asked a lot more questions like, “Are there gadgets in heaven?” , “How big is God?” and some that I couldn’t recall anymore, but in the end of it all she said to me with a smile on her face “Jesus sounds really nice. Heaven sounds nice too! and all the stories you told me about Joseph and.. Da- who?”, “David.” “… David. They’re all so nice- thank you for telling me more about God, Ate Mary”

And I couldn’t help but think how amazing and wonderful God is! And how He had used me as an instrument to share His word to this beautiful girl. Gab even intervened in our conversation giving her point of view and the things she read in the bible. When Phm asked, “Are there any gadgets in heaven?”, Gab replied, “No! Because in the Bible it says ‘Do not JUDGE or you will be judged also’ so no, there are no JUDGES in heaven.” That was just hilarious. What these kids can say and do… you shouldn’t really underestimate them. It’s really a blessing. Phm told me that she was gonna share this to her parents and I replied “Why not?”- my gift for her tomorrow… a bible.

Evangelism is a command and its a really good feeling to share the word of God to others.  So when do you share the word of God and to whom?


What a Blessed Day!

So the past few months have been AWESOME and EXHAUSTING, it was beautiful! and you know why? Because it was the day that God has made! I have felt so blessed and thankful for all the things He has done for me. Yes, I have had my doubts and worries, stress and pain, but we just have to remember to trust in the Lord. I haven’t been posting for awhile and I wasn’t able to write about my day since I had exams and, it’s going well, glory be to God. Thing is, I have a bad feeling for my Filipino and History test…

Huhuhu Lord! Filipino test was sooo hard D: I barely knew anything! and I couldn’t ask the teacher because then she would say “I’d be saying the answer if I told you” and I almost cried and I was sooo nervous. But then I remembered that You will always be there for me no matter what- and I thank You for that Thank You Lord!

“Even if I am weak, even if I fail You Lord, You take me up and make me stronger.” – Composition of Brother Joven” ~ Life with Christ, Facebook

And we just finished our ACC church’s 7th year Anniversary! Tons of fun! and glory be to God, I even won an award! and it was in ‘trophy form’~ my first trophy ever…

Youth Role Model Award

 I just felt so blessed and so overwhelmed, it was beautiful. Apparently, I was the ‘Youth Role Model’ and my speech? I didn’t know I had to make a speech! Waaah! (#゚Д゚) so I borrowed baby Johan’s speech and said “Thank you”. Just that. It was funny, yes. But I was nominated for the ‘Youth ROLE MODEL’, I should’ve done better. I was so worried about it, but then, it felt as if the Lord was telling me not to worry… you know the song “Well Done” by Moriah Peters? It felt like that. And it was just… pure bliss. To know that the Lord is proud of you, that you did a good job… its a wonderful feeling. (♥◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)

I just- feel so blessed, there’s no other way to explain it. The Lord works in such mysterious ways… He is so good. And I feel bad at times, when I don’t give Him my time, at least just to say ‘Thank you’. So I’ve made it a habit to talk to Him openly, just like talking to your best friend, and I am hoping that you will also give your time for Him.

BTW, Tito Bobby just came here to Dubai- first time ever ❤ Thank You Lord for bringing Him in here safely. Let this place touch his heart and draw him closer to You. Be with him through trials and pain. You are awesome and I know that You will never let us go…

The Man who Left with Treasures.

Matthew 19:21

Jesus said to him, “If you would be perfect, go, sell what you possess and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow me.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I do not own this photo

I do not own this photo

Me and my dad spotted a black cat sitting on a dumpster. As we sat there watching the cat, a young looking man grabbed our attention. He held two, large plastic bags in his left hand and the other hand to collect things from inside the bin. I watched slightly interested at how he poked his head in the garbage bin, trying to search for something. I continued to observe this man with my dad, trying to know what he was looking for. It was then that we found out, when the man held out two small cans and shoved it in one of his plastic bag. It was also then when I found out that he was collecting those cans for money, and it was then when I figured out that, that was how he could earn them.

I suddenly felt pity for the man. I felt the urge to help him collect those cans, give him money, hug the man (no matter how unclean he is), and I even thought to myself ‘Even though the man might hate me, or might be rude- I don’t think it will ever banish the feeling that I am feeling right now’. I actually like this feeling- not ‘pity’ but the feeling that I am describing to you right now. The urge to help. Kindness. Love? Maybe. I like feeling this feeling. It makes me feel like I am… not heartless.

“Even if he fill those plastic bags with cans… do you think he’ll spare enough money?” dad asked, breaking the indescribable silence. I just shrugged to dad’s question, not knowing the exact answer. We stayed silent for a few minutes, still watching the man. “Do you think God will bless him or reward him for his perseverance?” dad continued suddenly. I shrugged again “I guess, It depends on his intentions…” I said slowly, thinking if my answer was right. “But God is a good God” I added and dad just nodded, saying “May the Lord guide him to the right path…”

After a few minutes, I was typing down what just happened on my phone so that I could share with you guys (like what I’m doing right now) while the man was still there, collecting cans. All of a sudden, dad opened the window of his car and called out to the man whilst handing out some money. I don’t know how much and after debating with myself, decided not to ask him. But either ways, I felt proud of my dad and I know God is too. The young man thanked my dad and left with two bag full of cans and dad’s gift.

“He left darling…” my dad said softly as he watched the man leave “with treasures.”

I faced my dad, my heart filled with awe and admiration. I then told to myself that I’m going to be just like my dad one day. I looked at the man once more. “He’ll get his own money from the hard work he gets, not by just asking”

We left the place and drove home, we spotted the same man, still collecting cans from a different bin. “He’s still there, he’s not stopping” dad observed. I smiled, he was a really hard working man. I start to wonder if he had a family of his own.

I felt so much ‘feelings’ for the man- and if I said this to my friends, they might joke about and tease me- but I’m serious here guys. I do not know what God wants for this man, but I hope and pray that he will see the Lord’s goodness and greatness and love for him, and that he may do the same…

Finding Life and Second Chances.

I wrote a new wattpad story, which I plan to continue no matter what. I would really appreciate it if you guys could check it out. I hope I don’t disappoint, because this is a Christian story and I’m writing it all for the glory of God.

It is entitle “Finding Life and Second Chances”

- Mary Pacis

– Mary Pacis

Sunny lost her parents in a car crash at the age of 13, her Uncle died from Cancer, and her Aunt is a drunkard. Its like everything has fallen apart. Where is God in this? Why is this happening to her? What she didn’t realize was that, God has been there all along, and He has a plan for her… a very good plan…

This book is about Family, Friendship, Love, Life, and Second Chances.

1 Peter 5:10 And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will Himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.

100 followers! <3

I never thought I’d reach this much! Sooo to give you guys a treat…. here’s an old – which was apparently my favorite- toy of mine, which could be considered “history”:

Beloved toy of Mary. AKA Chukka Doll

Beloved Chukka Doll O_o

Yess, I was weird since birth xD Anyways, last year (2012 in case you guys forgot) was one of the best year of my life (and so was 1999-2011). I met some new friends (especially from Malaysia ;)) and had tons of fun!

and not only that, but best of all, I was able to spend time with my family in the Philippines, spend my Birthday with my Grandmother, get closer to my church mates and family, and most of all, get closer to God…

all of those in 1 year! It’s really a big achievement for me… and my goal here, is not to get more followers in my blog, but my goal is to go and make disciples (Matthew 28:19). I want you guys to see and believe, but Jesus said in the book of John “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believed.”

Go make disciples

Many of you who have read my blog, might know, that I am just a young 13 year old girl, who might be capable of doing nothing but cause trouble… but the Lord said “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.” and that is my goal…

I may have made a lot of mistakes but do remember that I am human, but Christianity doesn’t make you sinless, it makes you sin less and less and less… But hear me, I am telling you, not all Christians are Christians by heart, “The big lie… is in the church” said Billy Grey, now do not be mistaken by this quote… but this is true… Many people bring their body to the church, but not their heart… There are other Christians who force other people to go to church, “but we must realize that it’s the Holy Spirit’s job to convict someone and not ours.” – smilewski

Morpheus said to Neo in The Matrix, “I can only show you the door; you’re the one who has to walk through it.”

“You must have self control and content” – Eddy Tan

The truth is, it is hard being a Christian, Matthew 22:37 and Mark 12:30 states, “And you shall love the LORD your GOD with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.  This is the first commandment.” Question is, how many of us “believers” actually follow this commandment?

It isn’t impossible to follow this commandment, but when satan is there tempting us to become “worldy”, we might get lost… I admit, I got lost countless of times, but God is there to strengthen me.

I want to share you guys, my life, as a young teen growing in Christ….

John 3:3

Jesus declared, “I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again.”

UIPS. Youth Speaks.

I do not own this video, but this was from my school, so I decided to show you guys a sneak peak 😀

PS. These guys don’t know I’m alive… I don’t know who they are either, but I watched this in real life so I wanted to share it with you guys… GOSH I babble too much!


The poem is “Youth Speaks” by Amador Daguio