There are so many things and happenings revolving around me, all filled with mixed emotions, changes, joy, pain, and laughter… and all I could really think of is how blessed I am. God has been with me through so much and He never fails to amaze me! There are times when I am at my darkest moments, but this just makes life on earth so much more meaningful. It draws me closer to God and the people around me, I have to admit, God really has a purpose for everything. Why He allowed me to trip and fall when He could simply use His magical powers and make the rock disappear… but there was actually a reason for that! (James 1:2-4)

I first created this blog at the age of 11, just a year before I had become a Christian, and I have to say… I have changed a lot- especially since I have the best designer in the universe! And I just can’t keep it to myself, I HAVE to share the good news! The whole purpose of this blog is to express and share my experiences, feelings, and my life with Christ in me. It’s not simple… what’s not simple, Mary?… being a disciple of Jesus Christ isn’t simple. The truth is, it IS a bed of roses! there are thorns, trials and persecution ahead of us. Being a Christian doesn’t make life easier, it gives life meaning. That is the beauty of being ONE WITH CHRIST, we are no longer of the same spirit. We are born again. (Romans 6:5-7) And as we grow in Christ, everything will change. Yes, we are still stepping on this sinful, earth-shaking ground but with the help of God and His angel armies- we can and we will claim victory! (1 John 5:4) (Romans 8:8) The sweet smell of victory! ~ that’s the rosy part, get it?~

But the time flies fast and not everyone has heard or accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior, not many has heard of His unfailing and unconditional LOVE for us…  YES, a huge, powerful, and majestic God LOVES YOU! He loves you so much that He sacrificed His only son for you because He knows that Jesus’ blood is the only way we can be saved. He didn’t want us to follow Him out of obligation- He gave us a choice, He gave us freedom. But do note that there are only 2 choices… God or satan… it’s your choice.

I really really want to give my all to God, use my talents and gifts for His glory! and I want to share Him and all the cool and awesome stuffs He has done in me and my family’s life. As the years pass by I grow more and more closer to God and got to know Him better, and I hope and pray that you would too 🙂

God bless and Au Revoir, my Lovelies! ❤


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  1. I’m a grandfather, and I just happen to have a granddaughter your age she loves to dance. Her name is Sydney She loves Jesus very much too, just like you! I hope it is okay with you that I follow your blog and pray for you just like I do Sydney? James in the United States

  2. That’s wonderful! You seem to really love Sydney 🙂 I live with the bible verse:
    1 Timothy 4:12
    Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to all believers.

    God Bless ❤ – Mary Pacis

    • Thank you! This blog is just my start for evangelism, spreading the word of God (because I’m not so confident to share His word personally- face to face- yet). We all have a voice, why not use it to glorify Him? If you read my old old super old posts, you would notice that I was- not so good with grammar, the “smarty pants talk”, all those stuff. (I’m still developing). But as I grow through Christ, I start to find my purpose, happiness, love, family, and that the “smarty pants talk” was not important, etc. and I wanted to share that to all of you. I wanted to show that it wasn’t easy, it never was, but God will make a way. Oh and Thank you! 😀

  3. Hey Mary, I have nominated you for a Liebster award because of your inspiring and refreshing posts. Hopefully this award will increase your profile and readership so that more will be blessed by you!
    Keep blogging!

  4. Hi, Mary! Just read your message in my Tumblr account (although I no longer use that blog) , thank you for the sweet words! Also got surprised that you’re just 14. I absolutely love the fire of young people… I was also 14 when I got saved and started writing. Plus… you’re also a Filipino! hope we’ll get to meet someday. 🙂 Just continue keeping the faith and also spreading it around. Worship God through your studies, it’s also our ministry… I know that God will help you to go where you want to be 🙂

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