About Maggie (rabbit) <3

Name: Maggie

Age: Unknown, baby, 3 months old (guess)

Bought: Creature Oasis, Satwa

got: June,15 2011              died: Nov,22 2011 (heat stroke or fly strike)

Loves: Playing tag,hide n seek, massage

Hates: Scary people

Breed: Vienna gene, mixed breed

Appereance: Blue and brown eyes (odd eyed), white w/ brown spots, head shaped like a horse, thick fur under feet.

She loves eating carrots and grass.

That’s my baby ❤ ~^_^~

Nov 24 2011

Maggie’s story:

When I went to the pet shop, I saw these bunnies and thought how cute they were, but when I went there all of the bunnies ran except for one that took my heart…. Maggie… She came to me with love, and I really begged my parents to get her for me, and they did! When I brought her home, I can’t stop playing with her and petting her and after a few weeks, I just noticed that she had diarrhea and her butt was stuck with poop, so I cleaned it up and gave her a home made remedy/ medicine for diarrhea, then she was healed (she had diarrhea many times, but it is easy to remove), anyways, we kept playing and stuff, and then I noticed she was getting bigger and bigger and was thinking of buying her a bigger cage, and it worked out well and we gave her more space to play in our balcony! And me and Maggie lived so peacefully and happily, until the time came… my sister didn’t stop coughing and sneezing, so mom and dad brought her to the hospital and it turned out that my sister was allergic to Maggie’s fur, and I cried soo hard cause I knew it meant that I had to sell Maggie, but I refused as always (cause I really really do truly love Maggie), so mom and dad decided to keep maggie outside in our balcony, (BAD IDEA), so the next day, when I came home from school, I checked the balcony and, Maggie was all well and it was cold outside so I was sure Maggie was gonna be alright (but I was wrong and I hate being WRONG, since were living in Dubai, it will mostly be hot), then when I came home from school, I was eating and talking about Maggie and about selling her, then my Aunt looked at the balcony and saw Maggie, lying there, dead, so my Aunt told me, and of course I didn’t believe, so I walked to the balcony for proof, then I just cried there and told my Aunt, that she is right, and that was the last time I saw my best friend :(.

But there was a reason, for GOD knows that I will not sell and refuse to sell her, and my sister was suffering because of Maggie, so GOD just took Maggie instead of my sister which I am really thankful for, so rest in peace my beloved Maggie 😦


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