My fishies

How many? :

3 male Guppies

2 Adult platies (female died just on April 17 2011)

2 nerite snails

a) Spotted

b) Zebra

1 neon tetra

Alot of baby platies

Size of fish tank :

10 gallons ( I knoow not enough space!)

Okay so you might be wondering why I only have one neon tetra well that’s because 11 of them died and he is the remaining survivor. Well we just cleaned the fish tank yesterday after the church. Okay so were gonna buy female guppies today after the practice of our church! Some of the baby Platies were born on Dec 16 2011 and some were just 2 days ago.. The Nerite snails laid 20 eggs but they won’t hatch because they will only hatch in Brackish water.

This is a picture of my Nerite spotted snail

This is the Zebra nerite snail

This is a Platy which is a livebearer which means they give birth all day long LOL πŸ™‚

This is a guppy which looks exactly like mines! His name is Drandy! I named him that cause I thought he was dead but he wasn’t hihi ^^

My guppies (Male) :


Evergreen 2 (Evergreen 1 died a month ago)

This is Peaches!!

Update: Dec 24 2011

All the guppies died (our last remaining one evergreen 2 died yesterday)

One nerite snail died (spotted nerite snail)

All the parents of the platies died but the babies are still with us (The babies are all grown ups now), the Parents of the baby platies died last year.

Thank you πŸ™‚

Update: April 7 2012

I got two preggy platies and one apple snail from my uncle and aunt yesterday πŸ™‚ they seem to be doing fine… the two preggy’s do not want to seperate, maybe because they know each other but they are stranger towards my other platies, they haven’t eaten for a while… I’ll just see what they’re up to next…

Update: May 22 2012

We bought 5 neon tetras cause we thought our older one was lonely, turns out he got used to being lonely and seems to be territorial, so the small tetra’s decided to move on without him (the older guy), but they still seem to follow him, guess they don’t know the meaning “territory”, I guess all they know is, FOLLOW HIM, no FOLLOW ME πŸ™‚ well yeah… And did you know that the older neon tetra was the only fish that didn’t die and stayed with us for 2 years :0

The other fishes (platies) were already the babies of the older platies we “used” to having (The kids lived with us for 1 year now)

Here is how our neon tetra’s look like (though this is not our picture, for I got this from google)

UPDATE (May 2 2012)

Me and my dad just bought a CAE (Chinese Algae Eater), my mistake was not researching about it before we bought it, now have an aggressive fish, but it seems to be doing well, for now πŸ™‚ Ps. It is gold in color…

UPDATE (August 2 2012)

I dont know what happened to my fishes now because I lent them to my uncle to take care of them while Im in the Philippines, sadly he said that most of them died on the trip to their house… He said he would buy me new fishies :(. I hope I still have my snails.

UPDATE (Nov. 28 2012)

All my fishes (except the snails) have gone to my uncles aquarium!Β 

My Apple snail died unfortunately, BUT my zebra snail, is currently the most long lived pet I have had in my life πŸ˜€ Its been 1 year since I have gotten him/her, but now, he is not alone…
My parents bought me….


but I didn’t know, if I did, I wouldnt have bought it because, one, IT GETS BIG (sixteen inches) and is quite AGGRESSIVE , but my parents bought FOUR because my mom thinks that they need to be in groups (WRONG), they are territorial fishes, but seems to be okay with a few other fishes (if fed well). So I may have to remind my parents,Β They could give me a gift, but not one that breathes… BUT THANKS ANYWAYS!


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