All the pets I’ve had my whole life! <3

Dec 24 2011 (update)

Okay, so I had a lot of pets from my past, and at those times, I didn’t do me research, so it ended up as failure, I’ll show you when i started getting smarter and smarter about them πŸ™‚

So starting with…


I had lots of fishes before:



janitor fish

A carnivore fish (I forgot what it was called)

And thats all I remembered from the fishes. (died)


Parakeets : Blue and Green Budgies. (died because we had to give it to someone else, but they kept it outside, heat stroke)


(i forgot the breed, but it was small) I had hamsters several times. before the others. (died, because of me πŸ™‚


Sparrow (died, heart attack)


Red eared sliders (died)

Guinea pig:

(died, because he was alone and also because dad put a mesh at the bottom so he won’t step at his own poop, but his feet got stuck)


again!! (died because I was afraid it will bite me so I left it alone, they bite)

(Those are when I didn’t know how to take care of them, but I improved anyways) yes it was a long time.

Betta fish:

lived long (died because over fed, mom)


Red eared slider (died, drowned)


Two white rats (sold, because of cat)


Smoke, siberian cat (my parents didn’t like her.)


3 awesome mice (given to the pet shop, this time, it is the pet shops fault!, they gave me 2 males when I asked for 3 females)

Fish: (check about them in the other page, there are lots of updates about them.)

I have lots and living until now:

Platies (parents died, only the babies of the parents are with us now, their all grown)

Neon tetra (bought 12 but now there is one left)

Guppies (had lots, but none survived, our last one died yesterday)

Two Comets (both died)

Two Nerite snails (one is alive)

Rabbit: (check about her on the other page)

Maggie (whom I truly loved) sleep tight! 😦

Note: All pets have drawbacks, but their awesome to be with when you think about them positively, and always do your research and don’t do the same mistake I did)


Okay so I had a lot of pets Β my Β first one was a fish then it died of old age, next was a hamster! It keep biting me so I kept it outside… It died of heat! 😦

Another was a bird! We gave it to my friend, the other bird died also from heat

We also had a red eared slider turtle but it died cause it stayed in the water then drowned! They have no gills DUH!

The other was a Guinea pig this time it was my dads fault but all he wanted to do is to keep the guinea pig from stepping on his poop so dad put a wire and his feet got stuck and died.

Another was a betta, Died because being overfed

Then a mouse, We sold them back cause the pet shop gave me a male and the male makes more smell than the female.

Then the cat, We sold him because we cannot handle him

Then we sold the rat because they won’t go to my hand anymore because my cat scared them so I ended up with a fish cause it’s the only one which died of OLD age…

I miss these guys but I didn’t have the real picture of them..:(


I miss them Muah Muah! xoxox


10 thoughts on “All the pets I’ve had my whole life! <3

  1. Im impressed, I need to say. Seriously hardly ever do I encounter a weblog thats each and every educative and entertaining, and let me tell you, youve gotten hit the nail on the head. Your idea is outstanding; the issue is 1 thing that not enough individuals are talking intelligently about. I am pretty joyful that I stumbled across this in my seek for one factor regarding this.

  2. Hi again fuzzlovefamily, Wow you sure have had a lot of, pets how wonderful for you, I have had a lot too and each one is special in their own way and we do miss them when they go but then another pet walks into our heart and finds their place and so we have two in our heart and so on… but the wonderful thing is our heart never runs out of room and God’s heart is the same, we all have our special place and when we Love Jesus we all become one in His heart.

    Thank you for sharing about your Pets.

    Christian Love Anne.

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