Ark the Cockatiel :]

Okayy so I bought a cute lil’ cockatiel we call Ark (As In Noah’s Ark).

Name: Ark

Age: Unsure (But is said to be six months old)

Gender: Im guessing male (Bright color, makes lots of noise ;), Makes a heart shape with his wings)

Bought on: Sept. 5 2012 in Satwa.

Ark is a bird of God.

Here are some pictures of him




He’s not quite tame ‘yet’ but he does seem contented with his environment. Im not that patient but I have to at least learn how to be. He gets noisy at times and starts screeching, but I hope it reduces as days go by since we live in an apartment, and I dont want to lose another pet like what happened to Maggie (Rabbit). I’ll update anything new 😀 God Bless!


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